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We counted down our Top 16 Wedding Images, our best wedding photos of 2016, per se, one per day in the second half of December. Now together here in one post, for the first time, we again present our best wedding photos of 2016!


The adorable ring bearer at Ryan and Amanda’s wedding! Another Ryan and Amanda Kennebunkport, Maine wedding image will appear in this list at #8! Here is the full blog post.
Finally, here is the full blog post from the wedding.

Ring Bearer is one of the most adorable wedding photos of 2016 in our best wedding photos of the year!


Meredith at Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine. Meredith with groom Jeff will appear again all the way at #1, too! Here’s their story of their #15 image. Accordingly, you can see their wedding day blog post here.#15 dreamy wedding images of 2016, Meredith going to the water at Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Meredith walking towards the water at Sand Beach is one of our dreamy wedding images, as one of our best wedding photos of the year!


Cristina and Ryan with a very happy moment just prior to walking back down the aisle as husband-and-wife. Original #14 post here. And, in closing, Cristina and Ryan’s original post is here.

Happy wedding moments at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine, in our best wedding photos of 2016!


This was a fun moment with Stephanie a short while prior to her marrying Dustin, while her many bridesmaids assist in the fine-tuning of the gown fitting. You can read more here. Their wedding day blog is here.#13 fun wedding day captures of Stephanie getting ready for her wedding ceremony at Point Lookout, Northport, Maine

We love fun wedding day captures like this one with Stephanie and her bridesmaids getting ready for her wedding


Brianna, her dad Mick, meeting Chris at the altar. One of several images in this series including the wonderful emotions of the dads. Also see dads in our #5 and #4 favorites below. See their original post here. Brianna and Chris’ wedding day blog is here.#12 special wedding moments of 2016, Brianna and her dad meeting Chris at the altar

One of the special wedding moments of the year, when the bride and her father meet the groom at the altar


Kendra, with her dad, is set to surprise her groom, Demetri, at their Chittenden, Vermont wedding with a horse-drawn carriage arrival. More about the #11 image here. Another post of interest, from wedding day, is here!#11 idyllic wedding photos, Kendra and her father arrive at the wedding site at the Mountain Top Inn, Chittenden Vermont

Kendra and her father approach the wedding site in one of the most idyllic wedding photos of the year


We’re in our top 10 best wedding photos of 2016! What’s not to love about a golden sunset at a Sanibel Island, Florida wedding? Stacia and Jeff made a perfect couple in a perfectly dreamy location. Read about their wedding here, and more about the above image here.#10 gorgeous wedding moments with Stacia and Jeff embracing at their destination wedding at Santibel Island, Florida

#10 gorgeous wedding photos of 2016, Stacia and Jeff embracing on the beach at Casa Ybel, Sanibel Island, Florida


In this post we talk about this image and it’s #9 finish of our year’s best. Then, in this post we look at more of the fabulous wedding day of Danielle and Rob at their September wedding. Finally, it was a day we will always remember!#9 stunning bridal portraits of 2016, Danielle at the barn at Point Lookout, Northport, Maine

#9 stunning bridal portraits of 2016, Danielle at her Point Lookout, Northport Maine wedding


It doesn’t get any more real of a moment than this. Laurie and Shawn had a wedding rich in photo ops and you’ll see more of them toward to very top of this countdown. Therefore, you may want to read more. Here’s more about our #8 and about their wedding day.#8 charming wedding pictures, Laurie and Shawn laughing over Shawn's wedding band

Laurie and Shawn in one of our charming wedding pictures at their York Harbor Maine wedding


Color, color, color! Seems like we have here a willing couple who just seemed to know the look were sought. And, they nailed it! And it’s our #7 favorite image of our 2016 wedding season! Molly and David’s beautiful wedding blog post is here, and see more about the above image here.Molly and David in front of mural in one of the most colorful wedding images of the year

Molly and David in one of our most colorful wedding images during their Lincolnville Maine wedding


Our #6 is a joyous moment replete with bubbles as Amanda and Ryan walk down the aisle as husband and wife.#7 joyous wedding images of 2016 with Amanda and Ryan during their recessional at the Nonantum Resort in KennebunkportAmanda and Ryan are #7 in our joyous wedding moments of 2016 during their recessional at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport


Jessica and Mat’s October wedding was as full of love and family unity as any we have ever seen. Accordingly, this image is strong in many ways, hence it’s our #5. But it’s really all about Jess’ dad as he hands off his daughter to his soon-to-be new son-in-law. And here’s more from wedding day.#5 of 2016, Jessica and Matt in one of our most heartfelt wedding moments of 2016

Jessica and her dad meet Mat at the altar, in one of our most heartfelt wedding moments from 2016


Dads made the headlines in our #12, #5, and in this, our #4 top wedding image of 2016. This is at Jennifer and Michael’s August wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine.#4 of our top touching wedding photos of 2016, father of the bride hugging the groom

#4 of our touching wedding photos, the bride's father hugging the groom just before the ceremony


Here are Laurie and Shawn at a particularly photogenic antique building along the shore in York Harbor, Maine during their September wedding. It’s our #3!#3 of our artistic wedding photography for 2016

#3 of the top artistic wedding photography of 2016, Laurie and Shawn in front of an art gallery in York Harbor, Maine


It was a record-breaking day in terms of heat and humidity, and with that came all manner of striking cloud formations. As a result, we had skies like this. Consequently, we then this unscripted moment along a rock wall in Kennebunkport, Maine for Jen and Mike. Our #2!#2 environmental wedding portraiture of 2016

A great example of environmental wedding portraiture, Jennifer and Michael on the Kennebunkport breakwater

#1 (!)

Wedding day perfection for Meredith and Jeff. Enough said. Our #1 Top Wedding Image of our best wedding photos of 2016!!#1 breathtaking wedding photos of 2016

#1 breathtaking wedding photos of 2016, Meredith and Jeff on the cliffs in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine

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