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The getting ready portion of wedding day for the bride consists of hair and makeup, some great music, and most often, mimosas. All of this combines for fun wedding day captures, like Stephanie with her mother and bridesmaids, below.

#13 fun wedding day captures of Stephanie getting ready for her wedding ceremony at Point Lookout, Northport, MaineWe love fun wedding day captures like this one with Stephanie and her bridesmaids getting ready for her wedding

#13 of 2016 | Fun Wedding Day Captures

About the image: Stephanie and Dustin married in July at Point Lookout Resort in Northport, Maine. Notably, Point Lookout is one of our top favorites. And, in many years it’s our #1 most-frequented venue. Just outside the bridal prep suite is a room we love for its clean open space, light, and the perfect setting for a shot like this one. Oh, that gown! Stephanie’s incredible gown needed the expected amount of “internal adjustments” and “fine-tuning” customarily associated with getting everything just-right with such a complex piece as a multi-layered gown. What better way to get in there than to, well, just get in there!

While the bridesmaids worked, we moved in to get this shot. Consequently we set it up for one of us was looking from the front, and here, Liz was at the side. (Another reason we love having two photographers). Some of the girls took place in the back and another from the front. It was pure teamwork. And, we love that Stephanie’s shoes are right there, and ready. With this, the girls did the perfect job doing their thing to this perfect gown for Stephanie. This wedding gives us many moments to remember, and this one for sure is a favorite among favorites, landing it in our #13 spot of all of our 2016 wedding photographs!

Photo by Liz Caron.

We hope you enjoyed one of our fun wedding captures of Stephanie getting ready for her Point Lookout wedding. Stay tuned for more of our stunning wedding photographs! We will continue to count down our Top 16 of 2016. Tomorrow we’ll be at #12. We’ll reach our #1 Top photo of 2016 on December 31. Significantly, too In January we’ll catch up on Honorable Mentions. Finally, we’ll cover our favorite engagement images in January, too.
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