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We’re known for many things, one of them being our artistic wedding photography. We also love incorporating architecture and the environment. Further, two of our favorite environmental elements to add into artistic couples portraiture are walls and buildings. In any case there needs to be something special about the composition and set. To that end, we feel this photo very well exemplifies that!

#3 of our artistic wedding photography for 2016#3 of the top artistic wedding photography of 2016, Laurie and Shawn in front of an art gallery in York Harbor, Maine

#3 of 2016 | Artistic Wedding Photography

About the photo: It was a gorgeous Septembers afternoon for Laurie and Shawn’s wedding at the York Golf and Tennis Club in York Harbor, Maine. If you have been watching our countdown, you may remember Laurie and Shawn from our #8 top image of 2016! York Harbor is a postcard in real life. It is also compact in scale. This means it doesn’t take much time to get from place-to-place. We used the 50 or so minutes the couple gave us very wisely. Accordingly, this let us take in many fun places for the environmental and artistic photos we love to take and our couples love to have.

When we saw this former neighborhood market – now a gallery – in our travels, we knew we had to stop. (Actually, we had pre-planned a stop here from the moment we did our scoping run!) Laurie and Shawn were very accommodating and were very much about letting us suggest where to go and how to set-up our shots. Their love and interaction, though, was 100% their own and very fluid and natural. Which is perfect, and helped us get this photo. We just love the antique building, its lines, colors, and the picturesque background and sky. Finally, we love how the cirrus clouds form leading lines that lead to our just-married couple in the storefront.

Please comment and share if you enjoyed our artistic wedding photography with Laurie and Shawn in front of a York Harbor, Maine, art gallery.  Please stay tuned for more of our environmental wedding images countdown from the Top 16 of 2016.
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