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When the bride and her father walk down the aisle towards the groom, it is one of our favorite special wedding moments. Here, we love the meeting between the bride Brianna, her father Mick, and Chris, the groom.

#12 special wedding moments of 2016, Brianna and her dad meeting Chris at the altarOne of the special wedding moments of the year, when the bride and her father meet the groom at the altar

#12 of 2016 | Special Wedding Moments

About the image: Brianna and Chris married in Yarmouth, Maine, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. It was the first Saturday of the summer of 2016. At church weddings, we maintain our desire to be as discreet as possible. Accordingly, Liz takes her place at the top of the aisle. Further, she loves the hand-off of the bride by the dad to the groom. There is such a perfect triangularity of eye movement here for the viewer.

From dad Mick’s eye radiating his pleasure and approval of handing off his oldest daughter Brianna to groom-to-be Chris, who at the very moment is gazing in awe at the spectacular beauty of his bride. Who is returning the identical look back to him. To summarize, with lots of (intentionally rendered out-of-focus) guests looking on with smiles and laughter, this image, in journalistic black-and-white, was a strong finisher for us and is our #12 top image of 2016.

Image by Liz Caron

We hope you enjoyed Brianna and her father meeting Chris at the altar, as one of our wedding day special moments of the year. Stay tuned for more of our incredible wedding photographs countdown from the Top 16 of 2016.
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