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We love it when our couples forget we’re there. They more easily engage in natural exchanges that result in charming wedding pictures. Such as this one with Laurie and Shawn as Laurie marvels in the sight of that handsome wedding band on Shawn’s ring finger.

#8 charming wedding pictures, Laurie and Shawn laughing over Shawn's wedding bandLaurie and Shawn in one of our charming wedding pictures at their York Harbor Maine wedding

#8 of 2016 | Charming Wedding Pictures

About the photo. The image was right after the recessional at the York Golf and Tennis Club in beautiful York Harbor, Maine. Laurie and Shawn scurried off a little distance from the ceremony site. They found a quiet place to stop and to be with each other for a brief moment. This, just before their wedding party arrived for hugs and cheer. Then, acclimating to the feel of the wedding band on his finger for all of 5 minutes at this point, we caught this fleeting jubilant moment with Laurie’s abounding joy more than apparent.

Photographic note: Taken with a 200mm f/2.8 lens from a substantial distance. This to help ensure we never invade private moments and personal space with anything besides the view from our cameras. A shallow depth-of-field photo as this allows us to craft the subject in sharp focus with subsidiary elements in clear, yet softly focused, view (the ring).

We enjoy capturing these charming wedding pictures! Stay tuned for more of our colorful wedding pictures countdown from the Top 16 of 2016.
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