Who says a great wedding has to be a “big” wedding? Not Jayna and Bret, that’s for sure! They chose a small, intimate ceremony at the Hartley Mason Reserve. Located in quaint and spectacularly beautiful York Harbor, Maine, its scenic ocean vistas could not be more gorgeous.

A very unsettled weather pattern, typical for late April, was the theme leading right up to “go time” on Saturday, April 27, 2019. But then, with perfect timing, this particular part of Southern Maine experienced clearing and gorgeous blue skies and clouds. Jayna and Bret, not ever seeking to be the center of attention, chose to have just their closest family members in attendance, a grand total of twelve people. Perfect for them, and perfect to allow for lots of artistic photos (in under an hour!) to follow.

The Reserve is directly across the street from their base venue, where dinner followed, The York Harbor Inn. Classic Maine elegance and historic charm is the theme here, inside and out.

It was a brief but heartfelt ceremony by Rev. Linda Hirst and various iterations of family photos followed. Then, for us (well, technically, “me” as I photographed this wedding solo while Liz is away), the best part followed. That’s what we call our “artistic set” where we blend our couples naturally into the stunning Maine scenery that points south through north through the state afford. What follows are some of the faves. Heartfelt congratulations to Jayna and Bret and families!

wedding couple in a romantic black and white  image at the ocean
Jayna and bret
bride and her dad walk down outdoor aisle
wide view of small wedding ceremony near shore
just after the first kiss
couple just married recessional from outdoor wedding
bride and groom portrait maine wedding photographer
bride with groom in background
couple walks the shore at york beach maine wedding
couple walks at the beach right after being married
just married couple at nubble light in york maine
york harbor inn wedding photographers
maine wedding photographers
bride and groom in front of arcade bowling alley
Award winning Maine wedding photographers Russell and Liz Caron photograph weddings, and weddings only, from Boston to Bar Harbor and destinations worldwide. Let us tell you more about why choosing us as your wedding photographers could be one of the very best choices you’ll make among your wedding day vendors. Contact us today for more information and our availability for your wedding!
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Maine Wedding Makeup Artists | Wedding Photographers in Maine

Maine wedding makeup artists, along with Maine wedding hair stylists, are among the first on the scene on wedding day. Most Maine wedding makeup artists will travel to where you are, and sometimes that means traveling for an hour or two! It’s worth it for them, and for you, when you hire the right talent! These artists work hard to ensure that everyone looks their very best. It’s not an easy task, and we (and we know you, too!) appreciate all they do!

Three wedding bridal portraits by Maine wedding makeup artists
Makeup by: left, Salon Loka; top, Jessica Candage; and, bottom, Akari
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Maine Wedding Hair Stylists and Salons | Maine Wedding Photographers

In our continuing Maine wedding vendor series, in this post we present to you Maine wedding hair stylists and salons. These uber-talented, creative artists are usually among the first to arrive on-site on wedding days. In Maine, that often means traveling for a an hour or two. They’re in charge of ensuring that everyone’s hair looks the very best it can, for this very important day.

Wedding hairstyles by Maine wedding hair stylists and salons
Hair styled by: left, Uptown Curl; top, Studio 41 Hair and Nail Salon; and bottom, Akari
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Oh, How Digital Storage Has Changed! | Maine Wedding Photographer

Oh, how digital storage has changed! At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lexar introduced a 1 TB (terabyte) SD memory card. This makes Lexar first to the market with this large of a capacity card, beating SanDisk, which had shown a prototype before Lexar, to the punch. It’s going to sell for around $400.

photo of digital storage equivalency from 1980s to 2019
Chart shows the relative height of 1TB worth of various media

So, just how much storage is this 1 terabyte card, anyhow? It’s a LOT!

Size: both digital storage and physically

Keep in mind that an SD card is about 1.5″ tall by under 1″ wide. And about 1/16″ thick. That’s TINY for massive storage. I’m guessing here, but this is likely several orders of magnitude more data capacity than, say, that used in the 1969 NASA moon landing mission.

One terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes. One gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes. One megabyte is 1,000 kilobytes. To put this into perspective, one image in raw file format with our Canon 5D Mk IV cameras is ~30 megabytes. This one card could then hold ~33,000 or more raw format digital image files from a state-of-the-art camera.

Not that anyone would necessarily want to do that. But for the sake of digesting the scale of the magnitude of this card, it sure puts things into perspective.

1TB Lexar SD card
Lexar 1TB SD card

It’s not about cost savings

Nor would anyone want this for cost savings, because, well, that’s not the case either. You can get the same amount of storage in two 512GB cards (@~$100 ea) for half the overall cost.

Yet, there will be applications where the mere notion of a card double the size of anything previous to it could be a real game-changer. One application that comes to mind is a case of a remote time-lapse camera. If under the old maximum the camera could shoot for, say, a month using a 512GB card, this card will (your get it) give you TWO months before it would need to be changed.

Of course, pundits will point out that should that card fail or corrupt, it’ll be that much more lost. That will always be the risk, albeit in these days a much lower one than perhaps the case in the past. That was said when the first 16GB card was released, doubling the size of the not-all-that-long-ago standard 8GB cards. Which the new 1TB card is of 125 times greater capacity!

Not that long ago…

It’s funny. In my desk drawer I have from who-knows-how-far-back (guessing about 14 years ago?) a brand-new, still-wrapped 16 megabyte SD card. Probably considered decent size in its day. It came with an early Canon digital point-and-shoot camera. The SD card is physically the same, of course, as the 1TB card that’s the subject of this article, but not only is it only 1/62,500th the capacity, filling the entire card could only hold one-half of ONE raw file from the Canon 5D Mk IV. taken with the same camera that could fit over 33,000 images

Oh yes, we HAVE come quite the long way in the digital storage world!

If you enjoyed this post, about how digital storage has changed, please comment and share! Thank you!
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This Tech Tuesday post is about how digital storage has changed. Do you have questions, or recommendations for the Tech Tuesday series? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Russell Caron is available for workshops, group instruction, or one-on-one mentoring. Call Russ at (207)233-4050, or email him at russ@wed-pix.com.
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Maine Wedding Floral Designers and Florists | Maine Wedding Photographers

In the Maine wedding vendor world, we’re surrounded by so many diverse and talented artists. We’re all artists because we all create something beautiful. Whether that’s hair, makeup, florals, music, planning, venues, cakes, bridal attire, food, or photographs! Maine wedding vendor artists have an enormous wealth of talent, and today we’re talking specifically about Maine wedding floral designers and florists.

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Crescent Beach Engagement Photo | Cape Elizabeth Engagements

We had an absolutely blast with Emily and Jake, can you tell from their Crescent Beach engagement photo?!? So. Much. Fun!!

Thinking back on what we said about our #1 top wedding photo of 2018 (here) we said something to the effect of “if you could have only one photo from your wedding, this would be it.” Well, that is what we found ourselves saying here with this engagement photo. We scored soooo many fun and loving shots of Emily and Jake. For sure, having to have just one isn’t in the equation. BUT, here we say it again, this ONE photo so perfectly sums up the fun and love these two share, it would be this one. That one special shot that would just look amazing as a large canvas on the living room wall. That’s why this one is our #1 top engagement photo of 2018!

See Emily and Jake’s Crescent Beach engagement!

Emily and Jake, your Mount Sunapee wedding can’t come soon enough! We can’t wait to see what will unfold as August turns to September! We already “just know” that you’ve chosen a spot perfect for what will no doubt be a totally amazing wedding day.

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