Sparkler Exits | 5 Essential Tips for Success | Maine Wedding Photographers

Sparkler send-offs, or sparkler exits, are a great way to involve your guests in some fun times, and get equally-great photos! A sparkler exit can create a fun, festive mood in photos. People find joy in being a part. And they just scream “celebration”!

We want to share with you are our five tips for creating great sparkler exits. These 5 essential sparkler exit tips will result in great photo ops. They’ll also result in great memories, fun, excitement, and perhaps most importantly, everyone’s safety!

5 Essential Tips for Beautiful Sparkler Exits:

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Wedding Photography Award | Maine Wedding Photographer | 1st Place PPA Northeast District 2018

When an unexpected package (that must’ve weighed about 5 pounds) arrives via FedEx, and it’s from the Professional Photographers of America…Hmmm? Notably, I know I didn’t order anything…?? As a result, like a kid on Christmas morning, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to open the box and find this beautiful wedge of a polished glass trophy. A wedding photography award for 1st place in the Northeast District 2018!!Wedding photography award for 1st place Northeast District 2018, to Maine wedding photographer Russell Caron of Russell Caron Wedding Photography

I didn’t even know to expect it!

A little background: I’ve long been an advocate of  taking part in professional image competition, for all the challenge and growth opportunities this affords. Having won the Maine Wedding Photographer of the Year award by the Maine Professional Photographers Association in 2016 and in 2017, I decided to focus my competition efforts the following year at the national level. In March, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) held the Northeast District Competition. I was watching intently on line, and I did see my image being judged. (We’ll share the image later this year. At that time it will have run its course through the next step, the International Photographic Competition (IPC)).

I was super-pleased with the score the image received, as it assured the image will earn a “merit” in the IPC. That merit is the final one I need to have earn my Master Photographer degree from the PPA.

What wasn’t apparent to me then was that the image ended up as the highest scoring wedding image in all of the Northeast District Competition, thus earning that award (!). So, it was a most-wonderful, and most-unexpected surprise.

Here’s the list of award-winners that accompanied the trophy:

PPA photographic competition Northeast District category award winners

Go Maine!

Maine has some amazing photographers! First of all, congratulations to all the folks listed here, several of whom I know and that live in Maine. Consider for a moment the fact that the Northeast District includes several states. They are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. There are 25 winning spots above, and 4 of them are from Maine. Loving crunching numbers, that converts to 16% of the winners coming from under 2% of the population! And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen numbers like that. Those numbers go to something like 36% of the winning slots come from under 4% of the population when you take Maine and New Hampshire together!

The Award Shelf

It’s a fine time to share what our award shelf looks like now! Of note, at least one of these awards is for a top wedding image taken by Liz, too!
Wedding photography award shelf of Maine wedding photographers at Russell Caron Wedding Photography

Maine Wedding Photography award winner, Russell Caron and his wife, partner, and co-shooter Liz Caron photograph weddings. Worth noting, that’s weddings only, from Boston to Bar Harbor and destinations worldwide. Experience a fun, easy going, professional wedding team, who capture all the important aspects of your wedding day. Let us tell you more about why choosing us as your wedding photographers could be one of the smartest choices you’ll make among your wedding day creatives. Contact us today for more information and our availability for your wedding!


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Bailey Island Engagement Session | Maine Engagement Photographers

We met with Trish and Darren a couple of weeks ago for their Bailey Island engagement session. We were waiting for the weather to warm up, which took longer than usual here in Maine this April.

Trish grew up in nearby Lisbon Falls, Maine, and remembers visiting Bailey Island as a child. Bailey island is a small village with restaurants, gift shop, and fishing fleets. It is a quintessential Maine fishing village. And a perfect place to have engagement photos taken. If you aren’t familiar with Bailey Island, it’s an island in Casco Bay that’s part of the town of Harpswell. We live in Brunswick so were more than happy with a Bailey Island engagement session! Plus, the bridge that connects Bailey Island to Harpswell is the world’s only cribstone bridge. How cool is that?

Trish and Darren, here from Boston, were fun and very easy to be around. We had a few laughs, as we always do, when we’re getting to know each other. While learning to work together as a precursor to wedding day isn’t mandatory, just an excellent idea. We’ve worked out the jitters, had fun, and set the tone for how we work well together. A win-win all around.

We’ll be meeting up with Trish and Darren very soon, at their Memorial Day weekend wedding at the Spruce Point Inn, in Boothbay. We can’t wait!!A couple kissing on the porch of the Bailey Island Library Hall, during their Bailey Island engagement sessionA couple walks along a beach on Bailey Island, Maine.Engagement session fun on Bailey Island, MaineLooking out over the water at Land's End, Bailey Island, Maine.A couple on the rocks at Land's End during a Bailey Island engagement sessionA high five after a job well done!

Comments and shares are awesome!! If you enjoyed Trish and Darren’s Bailey Island engagement session, please comment and/or share this post, thank you!!
Are you, or someone you know getting married in the next year? Maine wedding photographers, Russell and Liz Caron of Russell Caron Wedding Photography, would love to be part of your wedding day. While an engagement session isn’t required with our wedding photography packages, it gives us an opportunity to work together before your special day. The connection we build during an engagement session is invaluable, and a whole lot of fun! We had such a great time during our Kennebunkport Maine coast engagement session, imagine yourself doing the same! For more information, please contact us right away!
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Canon Camera Care | Canon Professional Services | Maine Wedding Photographers

Canon Camera care. As professional wedding photographers, we need to keep our cameras and gear in tip-top shape. We love how Canon Professional Services keeps us running! We have four complete camera systems, and triple that number of lenses. Eight flash units, terabytes worth of memory cards, two drone cameras, countless spare batteries, cases, stands, clamps… you get the idea!

This equipment is amazingly complex and even more amazingly rock-solid dependable. At the end of each season we are so appreciative of the tried-and-trusted service the Canon cameras and associated gear has given to us.Canon camera care with Canon Professional Services


Canon Professional Services Keep Our Maine Wedding Photography Business Running

A breakdown is usually our fault. We’re juggling equipment, shuffling it in and out of cases. Cameras and lenses swing at our sides, and can just as easily slam into a door frame if we’re in a hurry. I remember shooting a wedding in Italy once and being so taken with something I saw I swapped lenses on a camera body. Instead of the lens staying in my hand as I did this, however, it promptly smashed into the stone sidewalk. It still worked but needed some serious rehab upon returning home. Each year, dust can creep inside our cameras, even though they self-clean to a large extent. An annual clean, lube, and inspection is more than warranted for these ‘workhorses’. We leave our Canon camera care to the professionals!

Enter: Canon Professional Services (CPS). In our experience and opinion, no other manufacturer can even come close to this level of vital service. As a top-tier Platinum level member, we get to experience the best of the best service for camera repair available from any company, period.

Canon professional camera gear used by Maine professional photographers at Russell Caron Wedding Photography


Break something on a Sunday? Monday morning we place a call to CPS. Four minutes later in our inbox is a prepaid FedEx Express label. We keep the boxes from prior CPS shipments, and reusing these, in minutes we head to the FedEx dropbox. As early as Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest, that camera is at our doorstep at 8:45AM. All fixed, cleaned, lubricated, inspected, with a full diagnostic report including the all-important shutter count in hand. FedEx was paid for, with Platinum level coverage, both ways!

Canon camera gear packed by Canon CPS

Canon Professional Services Loaners

If, for any reason, that blazing turnaround time still leaves us without a needed piece of gear, CPS is FedEx Express shipping us a loaner of the same item to use, at no added cost, while the repair is completed. Someone was thinking of the end user here! Wow!


Canon Professional Services Equipment Evaluations

If all of this isn’t enough, Canon will loan us just about anything we wish to try out, in real life, on a real shoot. Wondering if that $14,000 200mm f/2 lens is all is made out to be? Is it really the next best thing, ever? We can find out without spending anything more than return shipping!

Please comment on our Canon camera care post, and share on social media!! Thank you 🙂

Maine Wedding Photographer, Russell Caron and his wife, partner, and co-shooter Liz Caron photograph weddings. And that’s weddings only, from Boston to Bar Harbor and destinations worldwide. Let us tell you more about why choosing us as your wedding photographers could be one of the very smartest choices you’ll make among your wedding day choices. Contact us today for more information and our availability for your wedding!
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Welcome to my on-line yard sale for photographers.

Browse the photos below. Details are listed in the captions.  Any items still shown should still be available for sale as the photos will be taken down as soon as possible once an item is sold. Questions? e-mail or call 207-233-4050.

  1. contact Russ to ensure the item is still available> 207-233-4050 text or call
  2. Pay on line here  
    Include shipping as noted or arrange to pick up in Brunswick Maine and pay with cash and avoid shipping charges, which varies by item as listed.

All items are sold as-is but every item is last known to be in good working condition.

Check back often, but don’t wait for what you want, at these prices these items won’t last too long!

Updated 8/6/18 with new fisheye lens listing.



MagMod MagSpheres (2), MagGrips (universal fit for most/all speedlights), and (1) MagGrid. Selling as a set only. Retail new $185, brand new condition, $90 for all + $15 shipping.

Canon 15mm fisheye lens, f/2.8. Rear cap only included accessory. Optics are perfect, very good condition otherwise. Here’s your way to a genuine Canon fisheye at a fraction of the cost of today’s version. Firm price: $475 + $15 shipping.

Behring X Touch mini USB controller, can be used to set up custom switches and dials for Adobe Lightroom using downloadable software. Brand new, used only for a day or two. New $49, buy this one for $20 + $15 shipping.

Genuine Canon CPS wide padded straps. Highly coveted, cannot be purchased except from CPS members. Excellent condition, two available. $45 each or both for $75 +$7.50 shipping each.


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Maine Wedding Band | Wavelength Band | Guest Post

As part of our guest blogger series, we proudly open with the topic of wedding music! Specifically a Maine wedding band! Thank you to Johnna Dionne, manager of the always-fun, highly-sought-after maine wedding band Wavelength. These are our questions, and Johnna’s and Wavelengths thoughts:Maine Wedding Band Wavelength performing live Read more ›

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