Loving Kennebunkport Wedding | Kennebunkport Wedding Photographers

Catherine and Adam were feeling all the love in this loving Kennebunkport wedding photo. We bet you can guess where this was taken as you can see a glimpse of the three dories in the background!  

People take photos of this quintessential scene all summer long. Why do we love this one so? We love that it solidly sets a moment in time, and place. A moment this, yet another wonderful couple we get to work with, will never forget. A moment they will never forget how they felt. See, we may have told them how to set themselves up for this shot, but there isn’t anyone who could have told them to have that look of love toward each other. Only they could do that.

This real beauty made this our #14 top wedding image of the year. See the rest of their beautiful Kennebunkport Maine Wedding.

Photo by Russell Caron.
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Touching Colony Hotel Wedding Image | Kennebunkport Maine Weddings

Sometimes a photo will speak 1,000 words on its own. Sometimes a little backstory will make the photo speak 10,000 words. Like this touching Colony Hotel wedding image. On its own, you can pretty much surmise (because we’re wedding photographers, after all) that this is a bride and her mom. And you’d be right.

What the backstory will add here is that Alex and her mom were exchanging this touching moment just prior to a medical situation that required her mom to leave and go to the hospital. At this point of time it was uncertain if mom would even be back in time for the ceremony, just a few hours away. The depth of what was going on here made this our #15 top wedding image of 2018. The good news? Alex’ mom indeed returned in time, and she was able to enjoy this super special day!

Photo by Liz Caron.

See the rest of their Colony Hotel Kennebunkport Maine wedding.

Yes, this is Alex’ second appearance in our Top 18(!). They starting things off at #18, too!

Russell Caron Wedding Photography Top 18 of 2018 #15 Read more ›

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Heartfelt Sebasco Wedding | Sebasco Harbor Wedding Photographers

Belle and David are completely devoted to each other, which you can clearly see in this heartfelt Sebasco wedding photo. A day long planned, it unfolded perfectly. There was fun, hope, excitement, laughs, and lots of anticipation. Mostly, there was love.

A heartfelt ceremony led to the vows, and during the vows, well, you can see what happened. Real emotion is one of our most cherished moments to capture. Nothing says real emotion as well as real tears, wouldn’t you agree?

And, we like to emphasize that we are not standing as near to the bride and groom as the photo may make it seem. Our two-photographer “clockwork”, the same for every wedding we photograph, has us move opposite each other. And, we use our “long” telephoto lenses to close in on the real emotions of the face, mouth, and eyes during key times, like this one. Without being in the way.

This is why we love images like this, and this one is favorite enough to give it our #16 spot in the top 18 images of 2018. See the blogpost of Belle and David’s beautiful Oceanside Maine wedding!

Russell Caron Wedding Photography The Top 18 of 2018 #16
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Beautiful Acadia National Park Wedding | Acadia Wedding Photographers

Colleen and Michael showcase just how beautiful Acadia National Park wedding photos can be! See the rest of their stunning Atlantic Oceanside Bar Harbor wedding at this link!

After a first-look in a different area of the park, it was essential to make a stop at the granite cliffs along Ocean Drive. It was a beautiful day, fitting for a beautiful and handsome couple whose dreams were for a wedding day just like this. It’s a quiet moment, for sure, one we know our couple revel in the glory of the time being. Summer visitors to Acadia National Park grow every year, amounting in the millions.

This was one of the busiest Saturdays of the whole season – yet do you see anyone else around? The park’s vastness allow such solitude, even on the busiest days. We love that portraits like this end up as large art pieces on our clients’ walls. And the sheer beauty of a couple in love on wedding day in such a gorgeous location made this our #17 top wedding image of the year.Russell Caron Wedding Photography Top 18 of 2018 #17 Read more ›

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Fun Colony Hotel Weddings | Kennebunkport Wedding Photographers

From this photo you can see just how much fun Colony Hotel weddings are!

This fun image was taken at the summer wedding of Alex and C.T.  To say that their band (see credits!) was “engaging” with the crowd would be an understatement for sure. What we love about this image, and how it earned a spot on the coveted “best of” list for us, is the “feel”. People seeing this image who were not even at the wedding tell us they felt the fun, excitement, and incredible happiness going on. Take a look Alex and C.T.’s Colony Hotel wedding, AND their slideshow!

Over the next 17 more days you’ll see our very favorite 18 wedding images we took out of who knows how many?.. Probably 100,000-ish! And while every single wedding we photographed resulted in finalists for this list, necessarily only 18 images can make it to the top. And, yes, it is possible that more than one image from a wedding makes it into the 18. Just wait and see!

Photo by Russell Caron

Top 18 of 2018 #18 is fun Colony Hotel Weddings Read more ›

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Copyrights and Photo Credits | Maine Wedding Photographers

To anyone who’s not a photographer, the terms copyrights and photo credits, and commercial use of images sounds daunting.

In the wedding world, there are often dozens of vendors working together to make a client’s vision come alive. As wedding photographers, we do our best to ensure that we take photos of every single part of the wedding day. Dress, shoes, tux, flowers, rings, place settings, paper suite, people, food, cake, etc. So. here’s a question for you: how do you, as wedding vendors or clients, use the photos that are taken by the professional photographer(s)?

There’s often misunderstanding about copyrights and photo credits, and commercial use of photographs taken by wedding photographers. Photographer’s images are often used with a free rein by others, because it can be very confusing. If you’re not a photographer, you may not even realize that you need to pay attention to things like copyrights and photo credits.

The Nuts and Bolts of Using Copyrights and Photo Credits, and Commercial Use of Images

We’ll explain the basics, and show you how easy it can be to be 100% compliant with the law regarding copyrights and photo credits, and the commercial use of images. What we’re covering here also applies to online social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc), website blogs, as well as print. (There’s an example Facebook post at the end of this post.)

Here is a sample print ad (of a fictitious small business) to illustrate:

photo of brightly colored bouquet with lettering across to illustrate how to use copyrights and photo credits

Photo A                                                                                                                               Photo B

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