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Heartfelt wedding moments are something that we’re always on the lookout for on wedding day. We think you’ll agree that the below photo of Jessica, her dad, and Mat from October qualifies as such a moment and is why this is our #5 top wedding image of 2016! Read more below.

#5 of 2016, Jessica and Matt in one of our most heartfelt wedding moments of 2016Jessica and her dad meet Mat at the altar, in one of our most heartfelt wedding moments from 2016

#5 of 2016 | Heartfelt Wedding Moments

Dads always play a very special role on wedding day. There is so much heartfelt emotion as the bride and her dad walk up the aisle. But, the most emotional moment of all is what Liz captured here, at the top of the aisle. Dad is looking at the groom, Mat. Mat is looking lovingly at his wife-to-be Jessica. And she’s smiling and looking back at Mat. All the while, look at dad’s hands, gripping each their shoulders and symbolically figuratively and literally moving the couple together instants before he will step back. Accordingly, it’s a “wow” moment.

We love the look of the guests looking as in this photo, too. As seasoned as we are with this kind of thing, genuinely heartfelt moments like this make our eyes tear up pretty well, too. Because of those tears it’s another of the many reasons we love doing what we do, as we have the distinct opportunity to be witness to such memorable moments.

After the wedding at St. Joseph’s in Biddeford this past October, the bride and groom, wedding party, family, and guests had a fantastic cocktail hour and reception at downtown Portland’s Westin Harborview Hotel.

Those heartfelt wedding moments tug on our heartstrings! Do you love this kind of photo? If yes, there will be a similar one again tomorrow! Finally, stay tuned for more of our touching wedding photos from the Top 16 of 2016.
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