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Touching wedding photos: We shared a “dad moment” yesterday with our #5 image of 2016. Today we look at another story featuring a dad, and this too is a very touching photo. Those moments when the bride and her father reach the groom, are some of the most touching wedding photos. We love this one of Jennifer’s dad, hugging Mike tight, just before the wedding ceremony at the Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport, Maine.

#4 of our top touching wedding photos of 2016, father of the bride hugging the groom#4 of our touching wedding photos, the bride's father hugging the groom just before the ceremony

#4 of 2016 | Touching Wedding Photos

About the photo: That moment when a dad knows he is very lucky because of the new son-in-law that will be part of his family. More than how the dad feels, it’s all about the fact that he’s so happy his daughter has found her perfect life partner. This is such the case with Jennifer and Michaels’ wedding, our #4 photo of 2016. This August wedding may have set the record for the hottest and muggiest wedding day we have ever photographed. However, those oppressive conditions didn’t stop Jen’s dad from giving son-in-law to be the biggest hug. And with the best, most sincere emotion. His face says it all. As does the groom’s. Yet another reason why we love what we do!

This wedding was at the always-superb Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Photo by Liz Caron.

These touching wedding photos are why we do what we do.  Stay tuned for more of our beautiful wedding images from the Top 16 of 2016.
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