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There’s no doubt that this is one of the most adorable wedding photos we captured in 2016.

#16 adorable wedding photos of 2016, ring bearer walking down the aisleRing Bearer is one of the most adorable wedding photos of 2016

Oh, how this it is such a fun process as each year winds down! We get to look through each and every wedding we photographed and the upward of 125,000 photos. But, wow (!), to get down from this number to just 16! Why 16? For no real reason other than we choose the number matching the year. We did more last year, some of you will remember; but we decided the essence of a countdown is to somehow filter to the best of the best. Which, as we started to say, is inordinately difficult. In that light, once we reach our #1 on December 31st, soon after during the first week of January each Liz and Russ will be publishing a post of our picks as ‘Honorable Mentions’.

So, if there’s disappointment that a wedding you were part of didn’t make the Top 16, stay tuned and you’ll see several more shots that came very, very close to indeed making the top cut. We chose each photo strictly on its own merits and that may (does) mean that some weddings generated more than one image in the top group. It’s worth noting here that every single wedding we photographed generated between one and four candidate Top 16 images! Anyhow, enough of the background, let’s talk about our first image in this countdown: Our #16 of 2016!

#16 of 2016 | Adorable Wedding Photos

About the image: Could a ring bearer come along that’s any cuter than this? Perhaps we’ve seen some AS CUTE, but, honestly, this little guy captured everyone’s hearts, including ours, the moment he rounded the corner and started up the aisle at Amanda and Ryan’s wedding at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine, in October. Poised, confident, and intent on doing the best possible job a boy his age (or older!) could do, with hands clasped behind his back, it just melted us away in all its cuteness.

Our best images of 2016 are all about tugging at our heartstrings and when we capture a split second of time as here, we know that tiny fraction of second will then live on forever in memories and heart-warming smiles. We even love how there is a sign in the background commemorating the date of this memorable day. We are proud to present our #16 Top Image of 2016.

Photo by Russell Caron.

We hope you enjoyed our cute little ring bearer as one of our adorable wedding photos of the year. Stay tuned for more of our unforgettable wedding photographs countdown from the Top 16 of 2016.
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