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Colony Hotel Kennebunkport Wedding | Kennebunkport Maine Weddings Wow, Erin and Sean, what a fantastic Colony Hotel Kennebunkport wedding! Every single element of the day was thoughtfully planned, which made for a day full of love, laughter (lots of laughter!), and fun! Kennebunkport is one of our very favorite places around. It’s one of the


Tented Nonantum Resort Wedding | Kennebunkport Maine Weddings Megan and Mike’s tented Nonantum Resort wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine, was just breathtaking! We love seeing a gorgeous Sperry Tent on the grounds next to the river! We do lots of wedding day first looks, and Megan and Mike’s was so fluid, natural, and beautiful! It really set

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Drone photography

Custom slide show with music

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DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY: We love to fly our drone when we’re alone with our couples during the artistic set.; but never directly over people that aren’t part of the operation and never during your ceremony, but yes for that once-in-a-lifetime moment, like this one! Russ is an FAA-certified drone pilot, and we fly whenever conditions allow. Ask us more! And, yes, there’s no extra cost. 

SLIDE SHOWS: Volume up? Check. Tissues ready? Check. OK, now hit play. Even if you don’t know these people, isn’t this just crazy fun? Are we right that a slide show like this is something you’d watch time, and time, and time again? It’s like the best 3 minutes ever. Like our drone camera, this is included, at no extra cost. Let’s make yours together!

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Remember the days when it was embarrassing to admit you met on match.com? Yeah, so do we. But that’s how we met, and we’re happy to shout out to the world that our story began on Match!

photography guru, tech nerd, car junkie, dad, and Charlie-the-cat lover. I’ve been photographing weddings for a while…actually since the days when film was a thing. Cameras changed, and so did I! Such as with my current love of drone photography!

momma, coffee addict, food lover, cat mom, and “accidental wedding photographer”. I didn’t know anything about cameras, photography, or weddings when I first met Russ in 2012. But Russ saw I had an eye for composition, and convinced me to come work for him. When you know something’s good, you jump on it, lol, and I developed a wedding photography style of my own.

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