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June 15, 2024 Caitlin and Sam had a beautiful 1812 Farm wedding in Bristol, Maine on a perfect-weather June afternoon. Close to Sam’s family’s lifelong summer cottage, this area was very indeed very special for the couple.  With a wonderful group of family and friends, and a very fun group in both the bride’s and

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Nonantum Resort Kennebunkport Maine Wedding | Kennebunkport Maine Cara and Dan, what an incredibly sweet wedding day!! From your getting ready, to your amazing dance party, you, and your families and friends were wonderful in every way! We are fortunate to photograph so many Nonantum Resort Kennebunkport Maine wedding days, and so grateful to be

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Remember the days when it was embarrassing to admit you met on Yeah, so do we. But that’s how we met, and we’re happy to shout out to the world that our story began on Match!

photography guru, tech nerd, Apple-everything guy, car junkie, dad, Daisy-the-doodle dog and Charlie-the-cat lover. I’ve been photographing weddings for a while…actually since the days when film was a thing. Cameras changed, and so did I! Such as with my current love of drone photography! Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer. Oh, and currently among the first 16 people in the world to hold the Professional Photographers of America Master Wedding Photographer degree, and to this day there are fewer than 3 dozen total across the globe with this coveted certification. 

momma, coffee addict, food lover, puppy and cat mom, and “accidental wedding photographer”. I didn’t know anything about cameras, photography, or weddings when I first met Russ in 2012. But Russ saw I had an eye for composition, and convinced me to come work for him. When you know something’s good, you jump on it, lol, and I developed a wedding photography style of my own.

We continue to wow our clients. As full-time wedding photographers we can concentrate 100% on your wedding, because your wedding day is what’s truly most important to you. It’ll be a truly exceptional client experience for you.

Update, meet Jill!
Liz is taking a break from photographing weddings, after 10 seasons working together, to pursue some new goals. Russ is beyond pleased that his former second photographer, Jill, is back with him. They’re like precision clockwork with how they work together, and Jill’s years of photojournalism for Maine’s largest newspaper continues the caron&co tradition of awesome between-the-moments photos and a wonderful second view of all the key parts of the day. 

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