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Are you planning on doing a first look on your wedding day? Or, maybe you’re not quite sure exactly what first looks are all about? Like anything, there are pros and cons, but we’ll say it right out front, the ‘pros’ far outweigh any ‘cons’ when it comes to first looks on wedding day. So here are some of our thoughts and perspective on wedding day first looks, as Maine wedding photographers.

About 70% of our couples choose to see each other via a wedding day first look before the ceremony, for varied, and generally excellent, reasons. Maybe one of the couple is shy about showing emotion in front of family and friends. And we totally get that! Another reason may be that one is them is anxious about seeing the other, and the pressure would be too great to bear. Often, it’s all about the host of benefits relative to the schedule and timing of the day. The bride and groom may want to get their photos taken care of before the ceremony. This includes their artistic set with us, their bridal party, and even their family photos.

Below, Delia and John at their first look at the Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Wedding day first looks on the maid coast, by Maine wedding photographers

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Top Maine Wedding Regions | Maine Wedding Photography

Let’s tour around the state of Maine while we look at six distinct top Maine wedding regions, the six that account for a signifiant majority of Maine’s approximately 10,000 weddings each year. This post showcases the environmental beauty of each area while hosting our real brides and grooms on their actual wedding days. Be assured these are not the only awesome places in Maine for weddings; Maine is vast and it is all gorgeous in one way or another; this post merely reflects the places we most often photograph.

1. York County Maine Weddings

York County is one of our top Maine wedding regions. The photos that follow highlight some of our favorite wedding venues and photo locations.

Bride and groom on the Kennebunkport Breakwater, Kennebunkport, Maine. One of our favorite top Maine wedding regions! Read more ›

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Maine Wedding Weather Forecast | Maine Weddings

There are so many things to think about with your Maine wedding…including your Maine wedding weather forecast! While none of us have control of the weather, we are in control of the options that weather can cause to happen. And knowing what is most likely going to happen can be a real game-changer.Photo of the mountains from Granite Ridge Estate and Barn in Norway, Maine.

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Maine Drone Wedding Photographer | Maine Drone Wedding Photography

Keeping our wedding photography artistry ever-evolving is something that is very important. Not only to us, but also to our clients. Russ knew there’d be many benefits to becoming a Maine drone wedding photographer in 2017. Accordingly, the first pre-requisite is to obtain FAA Type 107 certification, which he completed in March. Later in the same year, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), added a new Certified Drone Photographer (CDP) program. While not a necessity, as is the FAA certification, holding a CDP certificate nicely ties in the flight and the photography aspects of the use of camera drones. In late 2017, Russ became the 9th person in the U.S. to obtain the CDP certificate from the PPA.

We use our drone almost exclusively during our artistic set with our bride and groom. The drone isn’t over crowds or people, and are never 100% directly over our couple, even though some of our post-processing methods help make it appear that we are very near to that angle.

In our arsenal of equipment is an identical pro-level drone to serve as backup in the event a technical or software issue would prevent us from flying. We’ve been fortunate that few planned shoots with the drone had to scrapped due to weather, wind, or other regulatory factors.

Here are some of our favorite drone images at recent weddings: Read more ›

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Maine Drone engagement image of man and woman walking in York Harbor near the Wiggly Bridge. 2017 Favorite Maine engagement images

2017 Favorite Maine Engagement Images

In no particular order, we present to you, our 2017 favorite Maine engagement images! We started with about 125 candidates. From there we narrowed the group down to the most memorable, the most fun, the most artistic… or the most love we felt from, with, and by the image. Whatever that all means. Here they are, with a brief sentence or two on why we loved the images as we did:

man and woman sitting on rocks at the ocean's edge. A 2017 favorite Maine engagement image

We love the tranquility, softness, and the fitting look of anticipation into the future with Emily and John during their late August engagement session at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Emily and John were the winners of the Real Maine Weddings magazine Real Maine Wedding of the Year for 2017, which occurred just about 7 weeks after this engagement session and spanned downtown Portland and Peaks Island, Maine locations. Photo by Liz Caron.

man and woman walking and laughing. 2017 Favorite Maine engagement images Read more ›

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Maine Wedding Photography 2017 Honorable Mentions | Top 17 of 2017

We recently ¬†selected our favorite 17 wedding images of 2017, from the pool of hundreds of candidates. Accordingly, we had to leave all but those 17 on the “cutting room floor”. The thinking is it would be great to sort through and show you the “honorable mention” images. Here we present, in no particular order, our Maine wedding photography 2017 honorable mentions!

Danielle and Rob walk back toward their reception at Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport, Maine at their June wedding. This image was taken on the same dock as the image that was our #1 favorite wedding image of 2017. You can see that image at Maine drone wedding photos. We love the tranquility, sky, and composition of this shot. Photo by Liz Caron.

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