Maine elopements and micro weddings aren’t new, but they’ve gained in popularity. Especially because of Covid-19. And while we love our large wedddings with lots of family and friends in attendance, the smaller celebrations are just as sweet. 

An elopement is when two people get married in private, there are no guests. A micro wedding (our definition) is up to 25 guests.

Elopements are near and dear to our hearts! We eloped in Portland, Maine, 6 years ago. We’d both been married before, and had grown children, and wanted to do something simple. Being in the Maine wedding industry, our lives revolve around weddings. We wanted our ceremony to be about us, and to be sweet and intimate. A Maine elopement was the perfect solution!

What’s not to love about two people in love marrying privately or with a small number of guests? Especially when it’s in a beautiful setting on the coast of Maine! 

maine elopement photographers

What are the advantages of Maine elopements and micro weddings?

Many people feel much more themselves when not in front of other people. Especially if you’re a private or reserved person. This is, after all, a very special moment between two people. For many, having the actual wedding ceremony in a quiet, personal setting is a big advantage. And a relief!

maine elopement photographers

Some Couples Save the Reception for Another Time...

Many couples plan a separate, much larger party, at a later date. Since almost all our Maine elopements and micro weddings are for people from away. These larger fun gatherings are easier to plan since they’re a party, not an actual wedding.

Most couples choose a local restaurant for an intimate dinner on the evening of their elopement or micro wedding.

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Having a Maine Elopement or Micro Wedding Can Save Money

Often, elopements and micro-weddings happen during the mid-week. Your Maine wedding vendors are more apt to be available. And can often have lower rates. 

Since it’s just the two of you, with no bridesmaids or groomsmen, the costs associated with a bridal party are non-existent.

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There's no Need to Rush with Your Wedding Photographers

For couples who place a high value on their photographic memories on their wedding day, these small weddings in general actually offer substantially more artistic photo time than larger, full-scale weddings. And, these high-quality photos will have all the more special meaning when shared with everyone.

At caron&co photography we curate a plan ahead of time with our couples to ensure that we have a fun, easy-going, mutually-perfect plan to go to various awesome places near the ceremony site.

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More Benefits of Maine Elopements and Micro Weddings!

With a pure elopement, there’s no one to invite. No one feels left out since it was a private ceremony.

This allows you to invite practically everyone to the reception party later on!

Some venues, like the spectacular Inn at Sunrise Point (pictured below) on the shores of Penobscot Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in Camden, Maine offer complete packages that take care of just about everything, leaving you to choose your attire. They’ll either include in their package everything you need or make excellent suggestions of whom to contact, for the remaining essentials. And, when you have a place like the Inn at Sunrise Point as your base, the gorgeous scenic locations as shown in this post are all just minutes away along US Route 1 between the towns of Rockport and Lincolnville.

elopements in maine
elopements in maine

No Large Group Size Restrictions

As we write this, rules in Maine, due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, preclude group sizes of over 50, which means typical weddings are not possible right now. And, it’s totally possible for us to photograph everything during your elopement or micro-wedding!

elopements in maine

Oh, we love ALL weddings, small, medium, large, or larger!

Don’t get us wrong, we love bigger weddings as much as we love elopements and micro-weddings. We love them all because we know that our couples chose according to what is perfect for them. We write this blog post only to help highlight the splendor of these kind of elopements and mid-week micro weddings. Couples so choosing these events all say, as do those having “big” weddings, that it was indeed the best day of their lives. We are proud to be along and create the lasting memories for everyone!

Maine wedding photographers, Russell and Liz Caron, a husband and wife wedding photography team, would love to be part of your special day. Whether you’re having a small and intimate Maine elopement or micro wedding, or are going all out and having a huge bash, we’d love to capture every moment of your wedding day.  For more information, please contact us right away!