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Mackenzie and Josh had a busy week last week, graduating as M.D.s, moving to a new state, Kenzie’s birthday, then culminating with their wedding at Point Lookout in Northport, Maine. Yet through it all, they remained relaxed and easy going. Here is their wedding story, as seen through our cameras. Jumping ahead for a moment to this idyllic and pastoral setting at a classic New England-esque barn. We love the light and textures this made for us a we photographed our highly-achieving couple an hour or so before their vows. Yes, they did a first-look, which we wholeheartedly love for the options doing so affords us, as their Point Lookout wedding photographers.

Kenzie and Josh’s Wedding Day at Point Lookout

maine wedding photographers

Their rings were stellar and beautiful to photograph.  We love that Kenzie’s middle name is ‘Joy”.  How fitting could this be?Ring detail photos

Mackenzie wanted to ensure that she was comfortable on her wedding day, so she chose to wear ankle boots (below), a smart move!

Bride getting ready

The bouquets provided a great splash of color in the otherwise nearly white room we used to photograph Kenzie’s beautiful gown.  Bridal gown, and bouquet photos

Bride getting ready, bridal portraitBridal portraits

Beautiful bride

Wedding day first look photos never fail to tug at our heartstrings, and Mackenzie and Josh’s was no exception! (Below)

First look with Mackenzie and JoshBride and groom on the lawnKenzie had long orchestrated this special surprise for Josh; so we worked together to ensure we could be in the right place at the moment of reveal of the surf board.

Kenzie revealing Josh's giftPhoto of Josh, couple at the dock

Mackenzie and Josh gave us time to have fun in-town Camden, Maine. (above, right; below two panels)

Mackenzie and Josh on Camden dock

Mackenzie and Josh at an ice cream shop

The Islesboro ferry was returning to Lincolnville as we photographed this cute couple from a nearby bridge.  Couples tell us how they love our interspersing long-range shots like this where they are but a tiny percentage of the overall scene-setting view.  We love making these images as much as they love having them!

Ferry to Islesboro Maine, Kenzie and Josh at Lincolnville Beach

Mackenzie and Josh in front of barnMackenzie and Josh at Point LookoutMackenzie and Josh, bridal party
The late afternoon ceremony was in beautiful sunshine, though it was quite breezy at times.  Still, it was a comfortable day all around. Outdoor wedding at Point Lookout

Mackenzie and her dad coming down the aisle

Point Lookout wedding photographers love the view from the porch overlooking the ceremony!

Point Lookout wedding photographersMackenzie and Josh at the altarAt the altar at Point LookoutWeddings at Point LookoutMackenzie and Josh, bridesmaidsMackenzie and Josh, the chaliceMackenzie and Josh at the altar

Ring ceremonyBreaking the glassFirst kiss photo, recessing

Groomsmen's socks, cocktails

Mackenzie in the hall; Mackenzie getting her dress bustledWedding cocktail hour

Wedding details at the Pavilion, Point LookoutWeddings guests at Point LookoutMackenzie and Josh, announced

(Below) A great first dance at the Pavilion, Point Lookout. The band Ripcord was energetic and dynamic, keeping the dance floor filled!

First dance with the band RipcordWedding receptionParent dances, Pavilion at Point Lookout

Wedding toasts at Point LookoutMaine weddings, toasts

(Below) The Hora was a maze of guests, and a whirl of activity. One of THE most fun Horas these Point Lookout wedding photographers have ever seen! It’s hard to imagine any part of any wedding that’s any more fun than this.

The Hora!

Let us know if you enjoyed Kenzie and Josh’s wedding story, brought to you by their Point Lookout wedding photographers. Comment below or share on social media. Thank you!!
Maine wedding photographers, Russell Caron Wedding Photography, would love to be involved in your big day, just as we were for Mackenzie and Josh. We will travel to whatever location you can think of, whether it be Point Lookout in Camden, Maine, or a resort in the Caribbean. For more information, please contact us right away!

Venue: Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center
Photographer: Russell Caron Wedding Photography
Band: Ripcord
Florist: Shelley’s Flowers
Dress Shop: Christina’s Bridal
Hair: Kimberly Savage
Makeup: From This Day Forward


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    I met you two at Kenzie and Josh’s wedding and I feel a need to tell you how good you are. Not that you don’t already know, but your wedding work, from what I’ve seen, is as good as it gets. Your photos (I realize this is me talking about what I like) have great composition, color and a nice dreamy appearance when needed. Your work with light is terrific and I was thinking about that because another friend was recently married and their photographer posted pics that looked so underlit and ordinary. I find interior shots to be so hard no matter what flash I try to use. Your faces show a perfect level of brightness. Btw, I’m the older guy with the Nikon taking advantage of my stress free role of purely candid shots. I still love photography because, I truly believe, I don’t do it for a living.

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