It Was a Good Weekend, But a Bad Weekend | Losing A Beloved Pet

It was a good weekend and, at the same time, a bad weekend. You can tell from the title where this is going. Losing a beloved pet isn’t easy. But first, let’s talk about the very best things that happened over the weekend. And there were so many lovely moments during the weekend!

We photographed an event in Camden, Maine, last Saturday. (See our post: Camden Maine photography | Camden Maine Montessori School benefit). I love Camden Maine! There is something so appealing to me about this coastal Maine town–the compact downtown, the wonderful shops, the beautiful harbor, the fantastic restaurants–all contribute to my fondness for Camden. I wanted to move to Camden back in the early ’80’s, but it never materialized. Any reason to drive up to the mid-coast region makes me happy.


Saturday morning we meandered up the coast. We stopped at a few of our favorite places along the way. One of those is downtown Wiscasset. A favorite shop there is Rock Paper Scissors. If you’re a pen, pencil, card, and paper geek like I am, you would love this place! It’s a tiny, very cute shop with really nice people! They have a wonderful selection of greeting cards, jewelry, cookbooks, kitchen goods, textiles, etc. So many things that we love. We always find something whether it’s a great notebook, or a cool pen, or a soft lead pencil. I did say geek, didn’t I? So much love for stationery goods!

Our next stop was the city of Rockland, and Cafe Miranda. The menu at Cafe Miranda has something for everyone, and on this day I chose the house salad and the ‘Chowdah, Guy’, a roasted haddock chowder with red potatoes, onion, bacon, corn, thyme, and cream. Delicious! Creamy, hearty, and warming, it was just what I needed.

We arrived in Camden mid afternoon, and found our way to 16 Bay View, which was going to be our base for the next 24 hours. Unassuming industrial brick on the outside, 16 Bay View is luxurious and sophisticated on the inside. Our first floor suite was roomy and well appointed. From the Cuddledown linens, to the walk in shower, to the European soaking tub and the cozy gas fireplace, I felt like I was living in the lap of luxury. If that wasn’t enough, we had breakfast delivered to our room the following morning. One of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had! It was Mother’s Day, and it was such a treat to have breakfast in bed. When was the last time that happened? I can’t even remember. But on this day I needed and wanted some pampering and this was an indulgence for me.16-bay-view-camden-maine-photography

Included in the breakfast was a slice of the most amazing quiche ever! There was also a yogurt and granola parfait, and fresh fruit. And lastly, a divine blueberry muffin. Topped off with a rich, dark, smooth coffee. It was the absolutely perfect way to begin the day.Breakfast at 16 Bay View, Camden, Maine

We made our way home, feeling well-fed, happy and relaxed.

Here is where I share the worst part about the weekend, about losing a beloved pet. You see, I had just said goodbye to my cat Cupcake, on Friday morning, and I was heartbroken. “Cuppie” as she was affectionately known, was 17+ years old, and had suffered from pancreatitis for the past three years. I administered daily medications and twice weekly IV treatments that she endured, usually with calm grace. She suffered an ear hematoma a few years ago, so her right ear was permanently folded over. This sweet, loving, gentle girl had been part of our family since we rescued her in October 1999. In her lifetime Cupcake had lived with 5 cats, 4 dogs, and had moved with me 9 times, from the country to the city. She never complained. Cupcake didn’t enjoy being held when she was younger. If you picked her up, she’d soon begin squirming to get down. But, that all changed just a few years ago, when Cuppie decided that being held was what she loved best. Luckily for Cuppie, we work from home, and she would often sit with me on my office chair. It was clear she was the ruler of the household. If Cuppie wasn’t happy, no one was happy.Cupcake the cat, losing a beloved pet

I never thought I would be *that* person. You know. The one who is inconsolable and carries on after losing a beloved pet. I knew I would be sad, after all, Cuppie had lived with me for almost 17 years, how could I not be sad? What I didn’t know was that her passing would leave such a huge hole in my life. When we arrived home after the weekend, the apartment felt hollow and empty. Cuppie wasn’t there to greet us at the door, as was her custom. Nor was she waiting patiently for me when I awoke the next morning. Her presence had been larger than life, and now that she’s gone there’s a void. So many times since, I’ve imagined that I heard her coming up the stairs, and I lean over to look, but she’s not there. When I watched TV, Cuppie would jump up on the sofa to curl up next to me; now that place is empty. Losing a beloved pet is so much more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. There’s a lump in my throat as I write. I miss my sweet, sweet girl. Yes, I am *that* person, and I know Cuppie would approve.

Do you have a story about losing a beloved pet? I’d love to have you share in the comments, below. Thank you!
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  1. Liz & Russ,
    I am SO sorry!!! I have lost pets in the past and it is such a horrible feeling. My heart aches for you. I can’t/won’t share about losing a pet because the mere thought of remembering that feeling or worse, the reality of losing my current dog makes my stomach turn. The unconditional love and pure joy that comes from having a pet in our lives is unmatched.
    Cuppie gave you 17 years of love – focus on that rather than how you feel now. I do hope you consider sharing your life with another kitty – nothing heals your heart like new love. xo

  2. Liz, so sorry for your loss. A friend once told me that our pets don’t live as long as us so that we can enjoy many of them in our lifetime. I definitely believe that. I have only had a handful of cats in my lifetime, lucky for me all but one live long and happy lives…but I never had a dog ever, until 1999. She was almost 11 when she died, and it was all so very hard for me, I blogged about it too. So very sorry for you. The photo of your baby is beautiful. Please read my blog post when you have a chance…and it took me two years after she passed to write it 🙂

  3. Beautifully expressed and written, Liz. Your feelings and experiences after losing Cupcake have been exactly the ones I felt after losing my dog, “Reuben”. I kept looking at the floor where he would lay….and he wasn’t there. I would be sitting at my desk and hear a noise behind me and I would turn around expecting to see Reuben lying on “HIS”(!) sofa. He wasn’t there either.

    There aren’t any words that can provide comfort. This is just one of those painful experiences of living that makes a person appreciate the fragility of life that much more.

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