Hindu Marriage Ceremony Kennebunkport Maine

Heather and Ashwin celebrated a Hindu marriage ceremony, in Kennebunkport, Maine, Friday, June 26, 2015. They are celebrating a traditional American wedding at the Colony Hotel, also in Kennebunkport, on Saturday, June 27, 2015. While the two ceremonies differ in process, they share a common purpose. Two people are joined in love via marriage and commitment. It’s wonderful to witness two people with divergent cultures behind them unite together. We were so honored to be photographing Heather and Ashwin, at both ceremonies.

This was our first Hindu marriage ceremony, and we found the rituals and language to be beautiful. Heather and Ashwin's Hindu wedding

Heather during the processional, in the traditional Hindu wedding dress (below). Bride in traditional Hindu wedding ceremony dress

Ashwin, below, during the Hindu marriage ceremony.

Groom during Hindu wedding ceremony

The father of the bride places her hand in the groom’s hand. He is requesting the groom to accept the bride as an equal partner, below left.

Hindu marriage ceremony, Kennebunkport

Parents of the bride, below, took part in the ceremony and were also dressed in ceremonial clothing.  Family during wedding ceremony

Bride during wedding ceremony, Kennebunkport

There were many smiles during the ceremony. Above and below.

Kennebunkport Hindu wedding ceremony, Rhumb LineBride and groom with friends and family during Hindu weddingHindu bride during ceremony

The colorful wedding costumes and flowers lend an exotic air, above and below.

Colorful Hindu marriage ceremony

During the Hindu marriage ceremony, the bride and groom garland each other, below left. The groom adorns the brides neck with a necklace, symbolizing good luck, love, and friendship, below right.

The Hindu groom gives his bride a necklace during the wedding ceremony

The love and support for Heather and Ashwin, by their parents and friends, below, is beautiful to see.

Family of the bride during wedding ceremony

Heather and Ashwin, below, taking a quick moment for a few photos outside.

Bride and groom in traditional Hindu wedding clothes

The Hindu wedding ceremony includes the traditional art of adorning the hands and feet with a paste made from the finely ground leaves of the Henna plant. The term Henna refers to the material, the design, and the ceremony.

Traditional Hindu wedding henna

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Venue: The Rhumb Line Resort
Catering: Gourmet India