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It’s no secret, we love Kennebunkport Maine weddings! This love comes naturally for so many reasons, we decided we had to list them! Here are our top 7 reasons why brides and grooms should consider Kennebunkport Maine weddings:

  1. Water, water, everywhere:

    From the Kennebunk River to the Atlantic Ocean. Which means you have miles of sand beaches, river frontage, and breakwaters. Any of these locations would be a great place for bridal party photos. Not to mention, photos of just the two of you. Imagine the beautiful, timeless memories you’ll create! Below, Suzi and Tyler kiss at the edge of the Kennebunk River, during twilight.bride-and-groom-during-sunset-at-kennebunkport-maine-wedding

  2. The Venues:

    The Nonantum Resort, The Colony Hotel, The Breakwater Inn, The White Barn Inn, The Kennebunkport Inn, Pier 77 Restaurant, among others! These venues are perfect for Kennebunkport Maine weddings! We’ve personally photographed at each of these venues, and they are among the very best in the state of Maine. If you choose one of these gorgeous venues for your Maine wedding, you will not be disappointed! Below, Jennifer and James sail into the Nonantum Resort dock.bride-and-groom-on-sailboat-approacing-nonantum-resort-kennebunkport

  3. The People:

    They are so warm and friendly, and make you feel right at home. Hospitality is their middle name. Whether staying, dining, or shopping, the people in Kennebunkport will treat you right! Below, Tim Ames helps Suzi and Tyler with their wedding cake.cake cutting during Kennebunkport Maine weddings

  4. Dock Square:

    Dock Square has great shopping, restaurants, and lodging! All within the center of this charming New England village. Plus, its weathered walls, which we love, like the one below. That’s Ariel and Kevin during their Kennebunkport engagement session.couple-during-engagement-session-kennebunkport-maine

  5. The restaurants:

    Kennebunkport has some delicious options for dining. Earth at Hidden Pond, Stripers Waterside Restaurant, Ocean 95, and Pier 77, to name but a few. Seafood is a natural with restaurants in Kennebunkport. And don’t forget fresh, seasonal ingredients! food-at-kennebunkport-maine-weddings

  6. The romance:

    Love is in the air in Kennebunkport! Which, as wedding photographers, is another reason why Kennebunkport scores very highly or tops various lists of the ‘most romantic towns’ in Maine. Several of its inns (such as those in #2 above) also rate on top of lists of Maine’s most romantic hotels, resorts, and inns. What’s not to love about Kennebunkport! It’s all right here for your wedding day.

  7. Destination Kennebunkport:

    One stop shopping for Kennebunkport Maine weddings! These are some of the finest lodging and restaurant establishments in Kennebunkport, and Maine! Any one would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, overnight accommodations, and day after brunches.

These 7 reasons, and so many more, are why we think Kennebunkport Maine weddings are tops!

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