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I’m always eager to take part in the event this year I call ‘photography mentoring day 2018 at Casco Bay High School in Portland. This is for the Junior class as they prepare for their annual community service trip. During this trip, in addition to their community service, students document their adventure. This, plus they create journals with photographs, video, and audio recordings. The “mentoring day” is designed to teach, refresh, and sharpen photo-taking skills. This is important for the students before they embark on their trip. This year’s travels are taking them to Millinocket, Maine, an area with lots of potential for valuable community service projects.

At the risk of saying “the expected”, this, the photography group from theJunior class, like all that I’ve worked with prior, is polite, smart, talented, creative, and a whole lot of fun to work with. Their photography creativity was already there, and to that the handful of tips I could impart will make for lots of great memories captured during their mission.

Their Mentoring Day

As their day began at the board room of the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce (instead of their usual classroom at CBHS), the group was given a photography slide show by their teacher, Brooke Teller, who just so happens to be the Cumberland Country Teacher of the Year for 2017. The slide show even included a few shots I took at Brooke’s wedding seven years ago. More importantly, the students learned basic photographic concepts such as composition, exposure, balance, rule of thirds, and similar. Then groups went out into Monument Square on assignment to capture some photos of each other. Back from that and with files downloaded, the photographer team met up with their video counterparts for lunch downtown, then back again for some critique.Students from Casco Bay High School, during Photography Mentoring Day 2018, with Russell Caron Wedding Photography, Maine Wedding PhotographersCasco Bay High School students on Photography Mentoring Day 2018, with Maine wedding photographer Russell CaronCasco Bay High School students, photographing in Portland Maine during Photography Mentoring Day 2018, Casco Bay High School students take portraits of each other during their Photography Mentoring Day 2018, with Russell Caron Wedding PhotographyCasco Bay High School students processing their photos from their photography mentoring day 2018, with Russell Caron Wedding PhotographyCasco Bay High School students working together during photography mentoring day 2018, with Maine wedding photographer, Russell Caron

With the past an indicator, this year’s group will come back from their Junior Journey community successfully. And, with some great photos and memories and even more importantly better than when they arrived a week earlier.

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