In today’s fast-changing world, many couples are realizing that weddings don’t necessarily have to be on Saturday, so here are 4 reasons to have a non-Saturday wedding. Having a non-Saturday wedding is refreshing and different, as well as practical in many ways. There are some real advantages in going with a different day of the week. Let’s look into this. 

Friday and Sunday are the two most popular weekend alternatives, but other days are equally awesome, too.  

This is an apt time to stop for a moment for this pop quiz: What do you see in the following photo?

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Yes, you see an idyllic wedding photograph. Beyond that, if you guessed that this photo was taken during a non-Saturday wedding, you’d be right! In fact, this is a real wedding photo that was taken at an awesome Thursday wedding (!) in Vermont a few years ago.

We can pretty much guarantee that if you asked Demitri and Kendra (in the canoe!) about their day, they would affirm how awesome it was to have a “non-traditional” weekday wedding. 

When the world is trying to navigate through a pandemic, (or any other time!) having a non-Saturday wedding may make a ton of sense for you, your wedding party, your families, and all your guests. Here’s what we mean.

4 reasons to have a non-Saturday wedding

1. Availability
If you choose a non-Saturday wedding date, all of your favorite wedding vendors will more than likely be available! Many Maine wedding venues and vendors can book up to 2 years in advance for their Saturdays. Choosing a mid-week wedding means you’ll likely be able to pick your vendor dream team.

vermont wedding photographers

2. Saving money
Weddings are expensive! While we can’t speak for all vendors or cases, we know that many venues and vendors have incentives for non-Saturday weddings. Is the quality any different? Absolutely not. It’s very simply the factor of supply-and-demand. Even if it’s a 5% difference in cost, it can add up!

3. Extended vacations
We know what you’re thinking, “What about my out-of-town family and guests? They’re going to have to take extra time off from work to attend my wedding!” Many Maine and New England weddings are destination weddings. Your family and guests from away will want to extend their stay before or after the wedding, or both! Let them enjoy a day or two learning all about the beauty of their destination. 

4. Travel
If you’ve ever tried driving into Maine on I-95N on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning in the summer, you know that the traffic can be backed up for miles! But, driving into Maine during a weekday afternoon is much less stressful! And, a bonus, on wedding day itself when we take you offsite for your artistic photo set, we won’t have to deal with as much car or people traffic along the way to our favorite scenic spots!

Your wedding is about the two of you

It’s going to feel like your wedding day no matter what day of the week it is. We know that the love and joy in the moment in the photo above was not diminished in any way because it was Thursday afternoon!

Make your wedding day 100% yours. And if having 100% of what you want means it’ll be on a non-Saturday, then that’s the day it should be! It’s OK to customize your day to be just exactly how and what you want!

We totally love Saturday weddings still!

Here’s the thing. Any day of the week is the perfect day for your wedding. Do what’s right for you! If you’re having a Saturday wedding, we totally LOVE that, too!

The only advice here is to book your key vendors EARLY! We really don’t like having to tell someone who wants to hire us that we aren’t available for their date.  

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