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Have you ever seen such a joyous bride and groom?!?!

Joyous bride and groom on their wedding day at Shady Lane Farm, New Gloucester, Maine

“Beaming”. We’ve used this descriptor once before in this countdown. So, let’s go with “JUBILANT” for this one! Both are fitting!

Jacqui and Jon are “that” couple. So in love, totally perfect for each other, so on the same wavelength in every aspect of their lives. A match made in heaven, as they say. Their wedding was custom-crafted so perfectly by them at Shady Lane Farm in New Gloucester, Maine on Memorial Day weekend of this past year. A great following of family and friends brought it all together.

What we love about this image is that, while we were going about to “set them up” for a couples portrait, this ^^ just happened. Not on its own, but rather it happened because of who they are. Such a real moment combined into what we normally set up. It’s kind of like what we loved so much about our #15 image last week in this countdown…the image of our couple Kristen and Sean in the woods at Acadia, where it had been intended to be a set-up shot but the real emotion so much more powerfully overrode anything anyone could have otherwise scripted to happen.

Every element of Jacqui and Jon’s day was perfect for them. Oh, and talk about perfect: stop in to their business, Sweetcream Dairy in Pepperell Mill Campus (the 40 Main Street end) in Biddeford if you like ice cream and if you want to taste what happens when you so lovingly craft your wares that you even pasteurize your own cream. I guess that is like an ice cream person of farm-to-table, so to speak.

We loved this wedding and we love this image such that it is our #6 top favorite image of 2017!

Have you ever seen such a joyous bride and groom? Please comment on the blog post, and share!! Thank you 🙂 What do you think #5 in the series will be? Come back tomorrow, and every day, until we reach #1 on December 31!

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