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Danielle and Luke has the wedding of their dreams. But not the weather of their dreams, as you can see from this foggy Bar Harbor wedding image.

Foggy Bar Harbor wedding image, Danielle and Luke at Compass Point, just before their Bar Harbor Club, Bar Harbor, Maine wedding

It was a gray and rainy start to the day. The hope for Danielle and Luke in Bar Harbor, Maine that August day was that the weather forecasters would be right. As in, the rain would stop and the wedding could go on, as planned, for outdoors and the Bar Harbor Club in downtown Bar Harbor. And, they pretty much were.

At the prescribed time of the couple’s first look, we stayed under cover at the Club. And as if on cue, the precipitation ended. It remained gray, and water still fell from the trees as we went to the very secluded spot we’d chosen. It was on the edge of Acadia National Park we had scope out the day prior. About a seven minute walk in from a close-by parking area, the walk was tranquil and idyllic, and Danielle and Lucas were keen on the idea of doing these photos, something we appreciate so much.

With their videographer in tow, we worked our way along the easy-going paths. When we reached our ultimate destination, the idea of it being “so worth it” came to mind to all five of us present. The air was comfortable, and the skies were full of drama. A few clicks into things and we could tell we were taking a photo that likely would end up in our top picks for 2017. And it did.

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