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Here we are, the top 17 of 2017! This is one joyful wedding photo!

As each wedding season closes, we always have a great time as look back at our photographs we’ve taken in that year. It’s a fun though difficult task, especially considering that Russ and Liz each make their own separate selections. Plus, not one wedding is ever excluded. Virtually every wedding we photographed yields anywhere from one to six candidates for the top photos of the year. Then we combine and rank order our choices over the course of several days of careful deliberation and consideration.

In a joyful wedding photo, Anna and Chris beam at each other during their first dance at Point Lookout, Northport, Maine.

Being 2017, this year we decided to limit our selections to only 17 favorites. What makes them a ‘top’ candidate? There are no real rules, we just need to really LOVE each image, for WHATEVER reason. These favorite images are unplanned, and are truly a fleeting moment in time that combines several elements to make it a top favorite. Again, for whatever the reason.

Our #17 Top image of 2017 pictured above, is a case in point. During Anna and Chris’ first dance at their wedding in May (at one of our top favorite venues anywhere, Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center in Northport, Maine), we love this image for the moment it captured in time; the culmination of weeks of anticipation, months of planning, years of a relationship being epitomized with such incredible joy in that one fleeting moment. While we were discussing this, Liz asked, have you ever seen a couple more “beaming” than here? These factors all combined to make this moment our #17 top wedding image of 2017.

Did you enjoy this joyful wedding photo? We’d love it if you would comment on the blog post, and please share!! Thank you 🙂 What will our #16 image be? Stay tuned for the next in the series, tomorrow and every day until we reach #1 on December 31!

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