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We had an absolutely blast with Emily and Jake, can you tell from their Crescent Beach engagement photo?!? So. Much. Fun!!

Thinking back on what we said about our #1 top wedding photo of 2018 (here) we said something to the effect of “if you could have only one photo from your wedding, this would be it.” Well, that is what we found ourselves saying here with this engagement photo. We scored soooo many fun and loving shots of Emily and Jake. For sure, having to have just one isn’t in the equation. BUT, here we say it again, this ONE photo so perfectly sums up the fun and love these two share, it would be this one. That one special shot that would just look amazing as a large canvas on the living room wall. That’s why this one is our #1 top engagement photo of 2018!

See Emily and Jake’s Crescent Beach engagement!

Emily and Jake, your Mount Sunapee wedding can’t come soon enough! We can’t wait to see what will unfold as August turns to September! We already “just know” that you’ve chosen a spot perfect for what will no doubt be a totally amazing wedding day.

Man giving woman piggy back ride in Crescent Beach engagement photo
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