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We love this charming wedding photo of Shila, Dan, and their precious little pup, Rocky!

Charming wedding photo of bride and groom, with dog on bride's train.

Shila and Dan aren’t really only Shila and Dan. Their family more correctly is considered Shila, Dan, and Rocky. Rocky is the doggone (pun intended) cutest little Yorshire Terrier I have ever seen. He was Mr. Personality Plus at Shila and Dan’s September wedding at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine. Replete with his own little tux, he posed flawlessly for this 3-person, errr– 3-family member photo.

Sometimes it turns out that including a couple’s dog in the wedding ceremony isn’t such a great idea. With Rocky it was very different, to be sure. He processed down the aisle as one of the “official attendants”, and stood by silently and oh-so-well behaved during their beautiful ceremony. He even came with us to part of our artistic set with Shila and Dan. Rocky was Shila’s before she had even met Dan, but seeing how Dan dotes on him, takes care of him, and adores him (who wouldn’t??) we are pretty sure that Rocky is quite enamored with his new ‘dad’.

Selecting an image like this for our top favorites comes from the emotion seeing the image evokes for us. We were there, of course, when the image was taken, and we remember all the feeling and emotion that came with it. If only all of our subjects behaved and listened as well as our little friend Rocky! This is proudly our #13 top favorite wedding image of 2017.

It’s #12 day tomorrow! Come on by tomorrow to see the big reveal!

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