Artistic beauty at Pepperell Mill Campus

Tasked with capturing images throughout the sprawling mills of the Pepperell Mill Campus in Biddeford, Maine, our travels recently brought us to this beautiful old building. Filled with moments of the past, frozen in time, we found artistic beauty with the peeling paint and the sense of abandonment. With the vast majority of these spaces slated for redevelopment, as nearly 50% of the 1.1 million square feet of floor space in the campus already has been, it is just a matter of time that these scenes change, to be refurbished for a whole new lease on life; the next 100 or more years of life for these rugged, historically significant buildings. The artistic beauty of peeling paint

Let’s look at some of our artistic takes on the various scenes we found on that recent tour.

Artistic beauty in an old stair tower
The artistic beauty of a turret style stair tower, with its white paint peeling from the bricks, circles down three floors to the ground.
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If the paint didn’t get rubbed off by passing fork lifts of more recent times in the mills, as in the most recent 50 or 60 years, then the paint will leave itself by simply peeling off.
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These mills were built before the days of electricity being available for distribution. Of course over the years electricity was added, replacing the 1860’s water power and mechanical systems. Over time increasingly complex infrastructure, early automation, and telephone systems were of course added.
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Looking up at the ceiling/underside of the floor above.
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We loved the light falling in this abandoned bathroom.
Artistic beauty with peeling paint and splashes of color
Splashes of color!
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A bathroom sink serves to collect fallen pieces of paint from the walls.

wedding photography in mainemaine commercial and wedding photographersWhile none of these photos appear to relate to our primary work as Maine wedding photographers, indeed the artistic beauty of what we find in an old building full of peeling paint increases and expands our perspective on how we see things. And how we don’t necessarily know what we are going find in the next 10 seconds. Much like a wedding day, actually, a tour through a space like this for the first time is an opportunity at every turn, and in that sense, odd as it sounds, a wall of peeling paint as our subject or a gorgeous glowing bride as our subject are more similar than it may sound. We love photography and capturing those moments frozen in time. You can almost hear that paint peeling off the walls in these photos, can’t you?

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