bride during a surprised first look, Somes Sound Maine wedding

Surprised first look photo, #15 of 2019! Darcy and Jen’s Somes Sound Maine wedding was one of our many favorite weddings of the 2019 season. The feel of the entire day was one of love, family, friends, and a relaxed vibe.

Darcy and Jen had their first look at Somesville Landing, a gorgeous, private area. As we’re setting the ladies up for the moment, Jen confides that Darcy is likely going to be very surprised, and that we should watch her face for a reaction.

The reason being that Jen had told Darcy that she was not going to be wearing a wedding dress. She couldn’t find anything she liked, so she was going in a different direction.

The reality was that Jen went “full-on bridal”, so that when Darcy turned around to see Jen, you see the look of delighted surprise on her face. A priceless moment in wedding day first looks.

We love wedding day first looks, for so many reasons! One benefit is that it gets all the formal photos out of the way. Another is that the couple gets to see each other in a controlled environment, where they can share emotion that they might not otherwise show. Additionally, a wedding day first look helps to calm any wedding day jitters. AND, the best part? You get great photos, like Darcy and Jen!

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Venue: John Williams Boat Company
Officiant: Joyce Long
Flowers: Triple Chick Farm
Band: Big Dee
Wedding dress boutique: David’s Bridal
Cupcakes: Slice of Eden
Rentals: Grand Rental Station

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