Maine Wedding Photographers Visit Classic Car Show

Both Liz and I have just about always loved cars.  A bit of fortuitous timing meant that we had the morning of July 26, 2014 available to walk the 4 minutes to downtown Saco for the Saco Spirit Car Show on this, a perfectly sunny and warm Saturday morning.  Liz took more of these photos than I did, I think…and I love the variety of grilles that she likes to capture with her camera.

maine wedding photographers visit classic car show

This is my idea of a selfie, taken in the reflection of a baby moon hubcap:Maine wedding photographers photographing classic cars

Here are more grille images taken by Liz:Classic cars photographed by Maine wedding photographers

I always have loved Corvettes, having an older brother who had one when I was a child….design-wise, the contrast and similarity in the left side image is cool; a very classic 1963 Corvette “split-window coupe” in silver contrasted to the brand new fully redesigned 2014 Corvette Stingray coupe in blue.  And an abstract look at the rear window of the ’63. a design that lasted only one year due to many owner complaints about the rearward visibility (or lack thereof).  Owners of this model year were actually known to saw out the center pillar when the 1964 was redesigned with one-piece glass.  Little did they know at the time how badly they were destroying the collectible value of this car.maine wedding photographer captures images of corvettes

Interesting close up details: emblems, badges, and photographers in maine car imagesEngines.  Tires.  More engines.  These engine bays are cleaner than the inside of most cars.maine wedding photographers day offFins and emblems.  You’ve gotta love the classic color of the turquoise BelAir.  what do maine wedding photographers do on a day offClassic grilles.  Lotsa chrome, heavy bumpers, round lights.  wedding photographers take other photos tooPurple inside and out.  A great street rod color scheme.  In the center image in this panel, a state-of-the-art late model muscle car, a Chevy Camaro, is seen past the out-of-focus hood of a vintage model.  And a unique hood treatment (by todays standards) on a pretty blue ’55 Doge pickup.maine wedding photographyLove the 60’s Nova, all prepped as a drag racer.Maine wedding photographers love antique cars

The bottom line I took home from a downtown car show like this:

  1. It’s fun to see a mix of vehicles, from 65 years ago to the very latest designs.
  2. People in Maine use the long winters in heated garages to perform incredible work on their beloved vehicles.
  3. A lot of people love this hobby… and have amazing cars to show for it.
  4. The Saco Spirit car show is a ton of fun, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s!

By Russ

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