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What a wonderfully expressive wedding moment!


What an expressive wedding moment! Kelsie and Dan's Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor Maine wedding

Photo by Liz Caron

At Kelsie and Dan’s beautiful fall wedding at the Spruce Point Inn in oh-so-picturesque Boothbay Harbor, Maine, another moment of emotion, fun, excitement, and joy makes it to our Top 17 of 2017 list, at #9.

We had taken our couple to the scenic dock at the resort during our artistic set with them on site. Being a couple of hours before the ceremony (Kelsie and Dan had just done their first-look), many of Kelsie and Dan’s guests were out and about busily taking in the many outdoor activities the venue offers. Here, a group of friends had just tied up their kayaks after an enjoyable paddle in the bay. Their path back to the inn to prepare for the wedding, meant they had to walk right alongside the couple. Which was nothing but fortuitous! This friend’s reaction to seeing how gorgeous Kelsie looked (Dan looked mighty sharp, too!!) is priceless. And is yet again another image that, despite the lead in we’ve included here, really needs no explanation at all.

So, versatility in what we do is paramount. This moment was in the portion of our photographing the wedding where moments are not expected as we direct the couple. Yet, we always know that moments can come and go in an instant. And as such we always do our best to never let once such fleeting moment pass by. Together, all of this means this is our #9 top favorite wedding image of 2017!

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