A Favorite Moment in Maine Wedding Photography:  This image was taken at Popham Beach, Phippsburg, Maine.
Favorite moment in Maine wedding photography

What sets this image apart is actually its simplicity.  It’s all a matter of timing, really.  The bride, Caitlin, and the groom, Scott, had previously agreed, and we had carefully planned, a momentary departure from their wedding reception (just a minute up the road) to coincide with those perfect few minutes of light that occur just as the sun drops over the treeline to the west.  We are very pleased, too, with how this image blends in our couple with the idyllic surroundings of a coastal Maine fishing village.  Their wedding and reception was at the nearby and stately Stonehouse Manor.

How can you, too, get a favorite moment in Maine wedding photography for your wedding?  Two things;  one, give your wedding photographer the necessary time to plan an outing with you; and two, communicate to your wedding photographer about what types of images you would like.  And if your wedding photographer should come to you during your reception and ask you to to join them for a photo, go!  Sometimes we see something breathtaking, and the only missing component is a bride and groom.

We will always ask the couple if they would like to go outside, be it for a rainbow, beautiful storm clouds, a gorgeous sunset, whatever.  We give them a chance to something out of the ordinary, so that when they look at their wedding photos, they will see a favorite moment in Maine wedding photography.

Russell Caron Wedding Photography puts the fun into wedding photography for Maine wedding couples.  Feel the love as this dynamic pair effortlessly capture each of your cherished moments, producing natural poses and unparalleled art for your special day.  Do you want a favorite moment in Mane wedding photography? For more information, please contact us right away!

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