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Russ and Liz

About Russ and Liz

Hi! We’re Russ and Liz. We’re a team, partners in life, love, and business. And, we love weddings. Photographing them; being at them; we’re there with you as your visual journalists, creating cherished life-long memories with our image-based storytelling.
We are fun, easy-going, and love how people tell us all the time how they loved working with us.
We quietly but effectively take charge of ensuring the day runs exactly to our plan.
We shoot with an unobtrusive editorial / documentary style and to that we blend in gorgeous portraits, details, moments, and artistic bride and groom poses that look anything but posed.
We’d love to listen to your story and your dreams.
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About Russ

I’m Russ. I’m the youngest of five and the father of seven. (Yes, seven children!) I’ve been called diplomatic, young at heart, and fun to be around. I enjoy cars, technology, reading, cooking, and food blogs. Oh, ya. I just LOVE photography; as I have ever since high school. I enjoy learning about (and teaching) human relations principles for use in business and personal life. I’m patient, understanding, calm and able to go with the flow, making memories via the images I create all the while. I will make you feel at ease before your wedding begins, starting right away while photographing your beautiful bridal portraits, for which I am renown, and through the entire day together.


About Liz

And I’m Liz. Having older brothers meant that I was always tagging along… climbing trees, jumping off sheds roofs, raising homing pigeons and traipsing through the salt marsh near our house. Raising two daughters meant that I was hosting tea parties, baking cookies, playing dress up and counseling about boyfriends. Why does this mean that I will be the best photographer for your wedding day? I have a fun and flexible “let’s-do-this” attitude, all while maintaining an easy going, engaging manner. I’m a calming influence with the groom and groomsmen, helpful and reassuring when need be.