Portland Maine Weddings

Kathleen and Matt love Portland Maine weddings, just like we do! We absolutely loved their backyard tented reception!

Kathleen and Matt had a beautiful spring wedding, complete with a fun backyard reception. We love Portland Maine weddings! Kathleen and Matt kept things super casual and super fun. Kathleen is an event planner with The Black Tie Company, so we knew we were in for some good food and good times! The Black Tie Co specializes in custom catering and event design. So Kathleen really knows her way around a wedding reception! This Portland Maine wedding reception was just like Kathleen and Matt, easy going and relaxed! Friends and family gathered around this wonderful couple and celebrated with delicious food, and fantastic music.

Portland Maine weddings

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Russell Caron Wedding Photography would love to be involved in your big day, just as we were for Kathleen and Matt. We will travel to whatever location you can think of. While we love Portland Maine weddings, we also love weddings anywhere, whether it be a Maine resort, a Caribbean island, a villa in Italy, or a California beach! For more information, please contact us right away!