Striking Wedding Images Countdown | 22 & 21 | The Top 50 Images of 2015

We’re over half-way through our striking wedding images list of the Top Photos of 2015 and they just keep getting better and better (so we think, anyway!). Are you wondering what the #1 photo is? We hope you continue to follow along!

Being December 15, 2015 it’s time to reveal #22 and #21 of our striking wedding images countdown!Striking wedding images countdown, top 50 images of 2015striking wedding images countdown, #22, Mallory and Jared

Mallory and Jared stroll blissfully though their hometown of Norway, Maine just about an hour and a half before their wedding in October at Granite Ridge Estate and Barn. That we were able to take these two out and about for a little while in the time after their first-look and before their wedding ceremony was a blessing in more ways than one (which means to say another image from this period of time is ‘bound’ to make a showing in our countdown again!). These two are such a perfect couple not only to photograph but in life, too. They just so fluidly complied with our easy direction and all the photos we took of these two just simply fell into place so naturally.  That’s what it took to become our #22 Top Image of 2015.
Photograph by: Liz CaronStriking wedding images countdown, top 50 images of 2015striking wedding images countdown, #21, Angela and Tom

Oddly enough this is the first vertically-oreinted image of this countdown. We’ve scaled the image down in size accordingly so not too much scrolling is needed as it’s important to see the whole image at once to get the right perspective and idea. It’s a perfect image for that crop, as it fits the way the photo was taken. This is Angela just a few moments before seeing her husband-to-be Tom for the first time; a few moments before she walks up the aisle at St. Luke’s in Portland. (Yes, this is the same wedding from our #25 top image of the little flower girl napping on the bench from two days ago.) In this, our #21 top image of the year, Angela’s dad Mark is doing some very careful adjusting of Angela’s gorgeous gown before taking the deep breath dads always do and making that so memorable walk up the aisle. We really love the precious reality of this moment. Not to spill any beans, or anything, but we “think” you’ll see Mark and Angela in another installment of this countdown. Oh, people have wondered why the alter is behind her? The way St. Luke’s is set up, when you’re standing in what amounts to the middle of the church as was the case here, there are alters 180º apart, a sanctuary at each end of the building.
Photograph by: Russell Caron

Stay tuned for more of our striking wedding images countdown from the Top 50 of 2015! Tomorrow will feature two more incredible photographs, our #20 and #19…each day we’re getting closer to the #1 spot!
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