Maine Summer Solstice Wedding | Harpswell Maine Wedding Photography

Oh, Krysten and Robin, your Harpswell, Maine summer solstice wedding was so magical! We’re still pinching ourselves today, we can’t quite believe it was real!

Where do we even begin? Let’s start with the setting. A beautiful, tiny, peninsula in Harspwell, which was the perfect wedding venue! The tide was coming in, and it was a bit cloudy and overcast (perfect for wedding photographs!). Three tents from Coastal Maine Canopies enclosed the lovely, shingled home, surrounded by beautiful, lush flowering gardens. A woodland path, lined with rocks and shells, led to the ceremony site, in the woods at the edge of the shore.

Secondly, there was the small, close-knit group of family and friends that stood under the canopy of trees. Krysten and Robin, read their hand-written notes of heartfelt, poetic words paying tribute to family, friends, and each other. Light-hearted and fun-loving, grateful and emotional. There was a hand fasting ceremony, binding them together, symbolizing their commitment and devotion to one another.

Then there were the toasts! Fun, funny, punny, witty, and tender. So much love, adoration, and admiration for Krysten and Robin in the lovely, intimate setting.

And, lastly, the dress. Have you ever?? The bodice with it’s beadwork, the layers upon layers of skirts that moved and swirled. It was artfully and thoughtfully stitched by Robin’s mother, Heather. It was incredible!!

Krysten and Robin, we immensely enjoyed your whimsical Harpswell, Maine summer solstice wedding, more than we can say!

Also, we can’t forget about the beautiful wedding cake that was lovingly baked by Krysten’s mother, Debra!

bride and groom on a dock off of Harpswell, maine
wedding rings on a beaded background
black and white photo of a bride having her bodice laced
bride, standing face to face with her mother smiling at each other
beautiful bridal portrait
portrait of a groom standing near the ocean
bride and bridesmaids in the back of a red pickup truck
groom walking towards an outdoor wedding ceremony
two girls throwing mica during a wedding processional
bridesmaids in dusty rose dresses walking towards a wedding ceremony in the woods
black and white photo of a bride walking in the woods with her mother
a groom waiting for his bride in the woods
black and white photo of a bride and her mother in the woods
bride and groom during a woodland, Maine summer solstice wedding
groom looking at this bride during their Maine summer solstice wedding ceremony
bride and officiant looking at groom as he reads during a Maine summer solstice wedding ceremony
black and white photo of two women, one laughing, the other giving a thumbs up
woman with red hair pinned up, wearing a mauve dress
groom reading, white bride is smiling in the background
bride reading from a piece of paper, bridesmaids in mauve dresses
bride speaking during her Maine summer solstice wedding ceremony in the woods
bride looking down during a Maine summer solstice wedding ceremony
bride holding hand of a bridesmaid while she reads from a piece of paper, two other bridesmaids look on
bridesmaid in mauve, wipes her eye during a Maine summer solstice wedding ceremony
photo of a cellphone videotaping a wedding
bride with her hand on her chest, looking down
black and white photo of a bride, groom, and officiant. The bride is laughing
bride and groom holding hands in front of an officiant
panoramic photo of a Maine summer solstice wedding in the woods
a bride smiling
groom smiling at his bride
bridesmaid in mauve holding a bouquet of brightly colored flowers
two blonde-haired little ring bearers, holding rings
bride laughing as groom reads to her
bride reciting her vows to her groom
bride and groom's hands, the bride has the grooms ring in one hand
ride putting a wedding band on the groom's finger
bride and groom during a hand-fasting ceremony
black and white photo of the bride and groom pulling the hand-fasting know tight
the groom dips the bride during the first kiss
the bride and groom recessing through the woods
a bride and groom, from behind, begin the recessional through the woods
black and white photo of a side view of a bride and groom walking past during the recessional
a back view of the bride's bodice, through her veil
bride and groom looking at each other while bride touches grooms face
groom and groomsmen standing together laughing
groomsman blowing bubbles toward groom
photos of groom and groomsmen having fun
bride and bridesmaids standing next to each other, holding bouquets out straight
bride and bridesmaids striking poses with their bouquets
bride and bridesmaids wearing fun capes,
bride and groom nose to nose
bride and groom kissing while bridal party cheers
bridal party cheering while bride and groom kiss
bride and groom nuzzling each other
bride and groom walking away, holding hands
bride and groom kissing on the rocky shore of Harpswell, Maine
drone photo of a bride and groom lying on the rocks at the ocean's edge
drone photo of a bride twirling around, her dress swirling around her, on the rocks at the ocean in Harpswell, Maine
bride and groom standing together while flower girl throws mica on them
bridesmaids having mica thrown on them
delicious wedding reception food by 111 Maine catering
woman with long hair at a microphone, talking to the bride and groom
bride leaning back towards groom as they stand together
maid of honor in mauve, standing at a microphone, glass in hand, laughing
black and white photo of people laughing and clapping
bride and maid of honor hugging
drone photo of a small peninsula, with a house and wedding reception tents,  in Harpswell, Maine

Venue: Private Residence
Photographers: Russell Caron Wedding Photography, photographs by Russell Caron and Liz Caron
Officiant: Alexandra Godfrey
Flowers: East of Eden Flower Farm
Hair and Makeup Artist: Amy Valente
Wedding dress: Heather Cahill
Cake: Debra Bradley
Catering Company: 111 Maine Street
Tent rental: Coastal Maine Canopies

Maine summer solstice wedding photographers, Russell and Liz Caron, are romantics at heart who love photographing people in love. Are you getting married? No matter where your wedding is located, we’d love to travel there and take breathtaking wedding photos. For more information contact us right away!

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  1. Dick Healing says:

    Thelma & Frank were smiling on this special day! Congratulations to Robin and Krysten!

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