The Top Ten Reasons For Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day: you’ve been planning for weeks, months, maybe years. You want it to go perfectly right down to the smallest detail. You want to remember it forever.  This is where having top-notch wedding photographs comes into play.  You’ll want to be sure you’re hiring a professional wedding photographer. After all, your photography is the one thing that stays with you long after the band has packed up and gone home. This isn’t an area to hand off to an amateur; there is but one chance to get it right. Doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional wedding photographer?Hiring a professional wedding photographer

We think you owe it to yourself to hire a pro. Sure, we are coming from this from a biased viewpoint, but we do know this: we have never heard anyone regret hiring a top-quality pro wedding photographer.  To the contrary, #1 regret there is after wedding day is not having spent enough on hiring a top-pro wedding photographer. Here are our top ten reasons for hiring a professional wedding photographer:

  1. Other than the wedding gown and the rings, the photography is the only wedding expense that you get to keep forever. Is this the part that you want to entrust with amateurs, or to those with little or no experience?
  1. For your wedding would you consider hiring amateurs…to cook the meal? To officiate? To play the music? To make your gown? To drive the limo? To make the cake? Would you entrust arguably the most important element of the day–the photography–to anyone other than a professional wedding photographer?
  1. A professional wedding photographer will be using perhaps $40,000, likely more, in cameras, lenses, flashes, and backup equipment (and be able to extract the benefits from this gear). And have at least two backup copies of your files made within hours of your wedding…before they go to sleep that night!
  1. A professional wedding photographer knows light. They know how to: take high-quality photographs in a dimly-lit church…without a flash; how to deal with large, often difficult-to-light reception venues; make harsh sunlight look soft and luminous; and make a striking and beautiful light for the first dance. They know light and how to deal with it!
  1. You’ll be able to laugh at most any wedding day issue that you may encounter, soon after it happens. But would you be able to laugh off problems with your wedding photography? A seasoned professional wedding photographer brings with them an ability to handle most any curve ball sent their way.
  1. Other professional photographers (who aren’t specifically wedding photographers) are not necessarily going to get the job done to the level you deserve. Wedding photography is a true art and science. It takes years of experience to know how to act, where to be, where NOT to be, what to photograph, how to photograph it, and how to seamlessly integrate with the flow of the day.
  1. The axiom “you get what you pay for” could not be more true than it is with your wedding photography.
  1. Uncle “Frank” or a family friend may have a great camera, but do they really know how to use it in the fast-paced, changing-light world of a wedding? Will they spend the better part of a full week editing and processing the images after the wedding? Applying signature artistic touches? Professional wedding photographers have thousands of hours of vital on-the-job experience. They know what to do in all extremes of the day. Uncle “Frank’s” camera may take nice pictures, but will he very likely not make truly amazing photographs.
  1. Will an amateur’s view of your wedding actually be worthy of winning professional photography awards, be published in magazines, or be on wedding magazine covers? Even if these are not important considerations to you, don’t they speak to the quality of the images that you will receive? Will you be absolutely amazed and brought to tears of joy of wonderful memories when seeing your images for the first time, and forever after?
  1. The # 1 regret of brides is not having spent enough money on their wedding photography. An average wedding budget should allocate at least 13-15% of the total budget for still photography. In some cases, the percentage is even higher. It all comes down to this: if your memories via your photographs matter to you at all, hire a top-notch professional wedding photographer. It will be the best investment of all.HIring a professional wedding photographerOthers agree: Here’s an article from Book More Brides about why hiring an amateur photographer for your wedding is a huge mistake.
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