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Here’s another topic designed to help our clients better understand how the contracting process works, and how we handle selling weddings when only one contract can be made on any given date.

So you’ve looked at Russell Caron Wedding Photography’s website,, and have had email communication with us. You like what you see and you want to know how to book with Russell Caron Wedding Photography.

At Russell Caron Wedding Photography, our process ensures that in cases where there is more than one interested party for a date, things are handled fairly and in the appropriate order.

Let’s walk through the steps, so you know exactly what to expect.

  1. (a) We’ve received a request from our contact form and sent out our information package advising you that your date is available.or(b) We’ve received a request from our contact form and sent out our information package advising you that your date is available, however, your date is also being considering by another client (but there isn’t a signed contract yet). We will notify the first inquiring party about this as well. This is not to induce any pressure, nor is it a sales tactic, toward either the first party nor the subsequent inquiring party. It will only be said when it is fact. It is aimed at avoiding surprise and disappointment that could be caused without this information being known.
  2. The best advice we have to offer is this: if you have any interest in contracting with Russell Caron Wedding Photography, act promptly. There is little in our business that we dislike doing more than telling a client that between the time they asked for information and wrote back, someone else bought the date. And, yes, it does happen.
  3. When there is a desire to secure the date, you call or email us and so advise. Communication is key.
  4. A proposed contract is then prepared and emailed for review. As the first party to request a contract for your date, the date now goes to what we call a “soft-hold” to you. That acting promptly we spoke about in point #2 above? It could mean that even though you were the second party to ask about your date you were the first one to request a contract. This is very important as the order of precedence, when two parties are interested in the same date, boils down to which party asked for a contract first. The soft-hold status is maintained for enough days to allow time for the signed documents to be returned to us along with the retainer payment (generally 25% of the total amount of contract). It takes both the signed contract and the paid retainer to execute the contract. If, during this soft-hold time, any other serious inquiries come forth for the same date, that second inquiring party will be informed that the date is tentatively sold unless the first party doesn’t hold up their end of the agreement, and the contract and retainer are not received by us by the end of the agreed-upon time period. We will always attempt to communicate with the first party before anything like this happens. Therefore, there are three important responsibilities of the client: communicate all the steps being taken; stay in close contact; and most importantly, return the documents promptly. For expediency, the retainer payment may be made by credit or debit card by telephone, and the signed contract may be scanned and returned by email.

At this point, you’re under contract with Russell Caron Wedding Photography. This means that the date is yours, and yours alone, and we’ll be contacting you for the next step, which is most often the engagement session.

Around a month before your wedding date, we will ensure that we have scheduled our pre-wedding consultation meeting. Our brides find this meeting extremely beneficial, as it is often the first time the entire day is scripted out to a time frame that both you as the client and we as the photographer will agree is a perfect sequence and fit for the flow of the day. We like to accomplish this meeting within the week prior to the wedding, but we are flexible to fit the busy schedule of the bride and groom. The meeting is often via a phone conference, or in person when the logistics support this.


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