Two Wedding Photographers | Do You Need a Second Photographer?

The question: Do I need two wedding photographers?…i.e., a lead photographer and a second photographer (from the same studio). The opinion on how important it is to have two photogs capture your wedding can certainly vary. Can I make do with just one photographer? Sure you can. Indeed, weddings have been successfully photographed by a single photographer. But, just because you can do it, it doesn’t mean it is the best approach. Because while one photographer may indeed score great shots, even more and even greater shots would no doubt have occurred with a talented second photographer on duty. Once in a while a solo shooter will tout an advantage of working alone is that “they know what was taken and what wasn’t”. Perhaps yes, when the second shooter isn’t the same at each wedding. But when your wedding photography team is consistent, wedding-after-wedding, year-after-year, as it is with Russ and Liz, there’s nothing but advantage-after-advantage of having two pro shooters.

Russell Caron Wedding Photography packages, as a standard feature, include two photographers. Besides the benefits of a team comprised of a man’s view and a woman’s view on things, duplicate equipment, a helping hand to keep family formals quick and smooth, and a soft touch to ease the sometimes uncertainty of couples knowing how to pose. What follows in photos below, is perhaps the most compelling argument to once and for all solidify our belief that indeed, two photographers are always better than one, and in fact the synergy means the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts.

There is a whole lot that goes on at a wedding ceremony. There is the beauty of the surroundings, like this photo illustrates:

maine wedding photographes


And then, there are the photos of people, including other than the bride and groom, that totally make the story of the day live permanently though moments in photos, like this:maine wedding photographerWhat’s our point here?

It’s simple: these two above photos were taken at virtually the SAME by the lead photographer, one by the second photographer. Without two photographers, one or the other simply would not exist in the bride and groom’s wedding day photo collection.  


The below photograph was taken by the lead photographer at Jake and Gina’s wedding. It’s an “OK” photo for sure. But if this way the only photo of this moment no one would know the rest of the story; it would be one of those “ignorance is bliss” kind of things. Jake is ‘probably’ wiping a tear, but that would be, based on just this one image, purely speculation or conjecture. Russ necessarily had to be at this spot when this image was made, as it was mere moments before the first kiss.  Had there been just one photographer, this would be the take-home shot.  But wait, there is more.

We shoot with two wedding photographers all the time.  (Scroll down…)

Do I need two wedding photographers?THIS is what really happened!  Caught by the lens of Liz, my second photographer (not just on this day but always). We can see Gina’s tears, and not only do we have a precious photo, we have a priceless photo; an award-winner, a memory for life! Without a second wedding photographer, this photo simply would have never happened. (And we love the way Jake’s arm and hand reaches into the frame of the image!) The answer to “Do I need two wedding photographers?” in this case is, yes!two wedding photographers


Here’s another case of where 1 + 1 = wow! Here is the “must-be-taken-at-eye-level” photo of Sara being walked up the aisle by her father on wedding day. Never mind the wonderful pride of dad at his beaming daughter, the soon-to-be-bride, this shot is precious, and a must-have. But what if there was another viewpoint of this moment? (Scroll down). maine wedding phtographers offer two photographer teamAgain, because we always have two photographers, the beauty of this church made it apparent to us to take an alternative view and use Liz to photograph the processional the balcony. Would you agree that the result is a ‘wow! moment’? This one shot alone makes the second photographer well worth having. Let alone all the other advantages, additional viewpoints, and benefits the second photographer brings for all their hours throughout the day.two person wedding photography teamI know someone is going to ask, how did we get the black and white photo without being seen in the lower photo?  Answer: we are pretty crafty. Again, “Yes!” is the answer to “Do I need two wedding photographers?”

How much of an investment is a second photographer?

With Russell Caron Wedding Photography, all Signature collections include Liz as the second photographer and Russ as the lead photographer. The cost of the package is all-inclusive and our collections cost no more than some other photographers whose packages don’t include a second photographer. Let us show you the benefit of an award-winning team of wedding photographers.

Our featured images from the Example #1 wedding of Gina and Jake were at the Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine in September 2014.

The Example #2 wedding of Sara and Brandon were taken at the First Parish Church in Yarmouth, Maine in August 2013.



Are you asking yourself “Do I need two wedding photographers?” Maine wedding photographers Russell and Liz Caron of Russell Caron Wedding Photography, answer all of your wedding photography questions, and puts the fun into wedding photography for Maine wedding couples. Feel the love as this dynamic pair effortlessly capture each of your cherished moments, producing natural poses and unparalleled art for your special day. For more information, please contact us right away!