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If you want to avoid wedding photography regrets, this could be the most important article about your planning your wedding that you’ll read.

If your wedding photography isn’t important to you, there’s little need to read further. If, however, your wedding photography is of paramount importance (as it should be!) please do yourself a great favor and consider what we’re going to touch on here.

We’re going to start right away with a simple 2-question “quiz” for you. There’s no need to keep score; you’ll come out the winner regardless of your answer if you just read through. And, thank you for reading.

What is the one and only part of your wedding that will last forever? (Beside your love for one another)
Your wedding photography! Virtually everything else you invested in for your wedding and for the day, by the end of the night is: eaten, consumed, drank, dried up, swept up, wiped up, packed up and done!  We’re not trying to be crass or brash, but this is so much the truth. Brides, realize that after the last dance, like a snap of finger, the day is done, all is gone, and it flew by in an instant…BUT, they have one very important thing that is not only left, but soon will be delivered, and this one last part is of course their wedding photography. Tears of joy will stream time and time again as they look through this once-in-a-lifetime event. And they are so, so thankful that they entrusted no one less than a full-time, weddings-only team of two award-winning professionals to capture their day.

What is the #1 regret reported by brides after their wedding?
It’s not having spent the right amount of money on their wedding photography.

This couple hired a professional wedding photographer, no wedding photography regrets for them!

Would anyone less than a top-notch pro been able to create and process this image – an image this couple will never forget-? Simple answer, no.

During our consults with our prospective clients we like to chat and ask what led them to talking with us. It is amazing to hear how many are drawn because they came to realize the importance of investing properly for their wedding photography by the lessons of friends that put the price first. This is where the horror stories about bad wedding photography come from. These friends, often maids of honors or bridesmaids, or family members, sometimes come along and it send us chills and shivers to hear them tell of what their ‘photographer’ did or didn’t, as the case may be, do on their wedding day. Some have no photos at all; the promise of everything and the kitchen sink for an amount too good to be true, indeed turned out to be, well, not true. We hear of their photographers are out of business, not surprising because of how many starters there are who fail to understand 1% of the true cost of doing business. We hear of ‘photographers’ being impossible to reach after the wedding.  We hear of some that used images on their web sites to sell themselves that they stole from other, legitimate, photographers on the internet. The luckier ones did receive their photographs, but they are less photographs and more “pictures”…looking for all the world that were taken with one lens from the same distance in shot after shot. Or maybe they were OK outdoors, but indoors suffered from every manner of shadow and darkness leading the customer to feel their phones could have done a better job.

The common thread from all of these people with wedding photography regrets is that they went to the low price first, and took a risk that it would all be fine, it would all work out, or that it would be “good enough”.

Your wedding day can’t and won’t be recreated. There is but one chance.


Here’s an excellent article on wedding photography regrets.

There is good news; great wedding photography doesn’t have to break the bank. For a wedding of average cost and size (in the state of Maine) the wedding photography should consume about 13%-15% of the wedding budget. For smaller weddings with a substantial amount of do-it-yourself involved, the percentage can be notably higher. It all makes good sense, though. Why spend any more on the things that are done and gone at midnight? Shouldn’t an appropriate amount be allocated to the one part that lasts forever? Don’t be the next couple to have wedding photography regrets! Hire a top professional wedding photographer. 

Russell Caron Wedding Photography helps couples avoid wedding photography regrets and, instead, puts the fun into wedding photography for Maine wedding couples. Feel the love as this dynamic pair effortlessly capture each of your most cherished wedding moments, producing natural poses and unparalleled art for your special day. For more information, please contact us right away!

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Longfellow Square snowy embrace

Shots like this come with a lot of knowledge of off-camera lighting and even more in terms of experience.

Only a pro that knows how to time a wedding day, knows where to be, and knows their camera and low-light shooting can do a photograph like this.

Only a pro that knows how to time a wedding day, knows where to be, and knows their camera and low-light shooting can do a photograph like this. The light lasted light this for only about 90 seconds; and it wasn’t by chance that we were there to grab it.